What are the Benefits of Filing a GST Return for a Small Businessman?

GST Registration Status

With the implementation of GST, India witnessed one of the biggest tax reforms ever. GST or Goods and Services Tax subsumed 17 taxes levied by central and state governments, thus simplifying the indirect tax structure of the country. Among the various benefits of GST, simplification in return filing for businesses is noteworthy. Since its launch, … Read more

Using SEO in the Medical Industry in 20th Century

Medical SEO

The use of Medical SEO or Healthcare SEO provides opportunities for medical practitioners, institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical aids, and suppliers to make their products or services available to the public. The importance of using the SEO approach lies within understanding what it means and where the concept originates from. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool … Read more

Electrolytes and our Bodies

electrolyte balance

During our active lifetimes, electrolytes play a significant role in keeping our bodies active, healthy, happy and full of energy during our busy working or study days. Clever researchers, academics, doctors and normal people like us worked together to understand the impacts of electrolytes on our eventful lifestyles and to keep us from becoming inactive. … Read more