What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire?

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By Rakib Sarwar

A car is a complex machine with many electrical and mechanical components. Fires are one of the most common hazards in a car, with lots of frictional material, combustible liquids, and the presence of electrical wires. Suppose you are going to Romantic Restaurants with your loved ones and suddenly see smoke coming out from your car. That time, what do you do for your and your partner’s safety.

Here, in this article, I am gonna show you the 7 best practices to do if your car catches fire.

The main cause of the fire in the car

Before you know the fire warning signs, you must know what could be the cause of your car fire. So, here are some common causes of car fires:

  • Faults in the vehicle’s fuel system
  • Damage due to collision
  • Leaving a burning cigarette in the car
  • Faults in the car’s electrical wiring
  • Fuel pipe broken

Signs that your car may catch fire

Here are some warning signs that you keep in mind that your car may catch fire:

  • Your car’s fuse will blow repeatedly
  • If the car oil filler cap is missing
  • If oil spills under the hood of your car from the last oil change.
  • If you find loose or cracked wires
  • If oil or other liquids leak under the car
  • If you hear loud noises from your car’s exhaust system

What to Do if Your Car Catches Fire?

A car fire is a very dangerous situation because it can create panic among the passengers. If your car catches fire, you can either see the fire from the car or smell the smoke. You must know that car fire does not always come out of the engine. 

In any case, it is important to act quickly but calmly. So, Here’s what you need to do if your car catches fire:

Stop and turn off the car engine

When you see flames of fire or smoke come out of your car, signal to other cars, park on the left, quickly turn off the engine, and take out the keys. By turning off the car, you will shut off the fuel supply to the engine and the car’s drive mechanism will reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

Empty the car

As soon as the car stops, empty the car and go to a safe distance. If you have someone else with you in the car, ask them to leave the car and help the children and adults get out of the car. Be sure to pop the car hood before leaving.

Keep Distance at least 100 feet away from the car

When you empty the car, make sure you and the other passengers are at least 100 feet away from the car. If you stay at this safe distance, you will not be harmed by the flames or toxic fumes emitted from the vehicle. It will also protect you from being injured if the car explodes. Also, make sure that no pedestrians get too close to the vehicle and do not injure themselves.

Call the local, traffic police, and fire brigade

After taking a safe distance, you must call the traffic police and fire brigade and report the fire to them. In addition, it is also necessary to call the local people for help.

 Ensure the exact location of the incident so that they can reach the scene quickly. Once you report it to the traffic police, they will most likely notify the fire brigade of the fire. However, it is better to inform the fire service yourself so as not to be late.

Notify your car service center and insurance provider about the fire

After taking down the Fire, call your car service center immediately and let them know about the fire. Your service center will pick you up for repairs after the fire has been extinguished. Moreover, you must call your car insurance company and inform them about the fire in your car. 

So, It is important to raise an insurance claim with the company and recover the damage or loss of the vehicle due to the fire. You can find the claim document number online along with the policy document.

Do not go near the car to retrieve personal belongings

If you see flames coming out of your car, do not let anyone or yourself approach the car to retrieve any personal belongings. A burning car is always at risk of exploding and can cause serious injuries.

Even flames and toxic fumes are harmful. You can recover your personal belongings after firefighters put out the fire and they declared it safe to approach the vehicle.

Don’t try to put out the fire by yourself

Until the firefighters arrive, don’t try to put out the fire yourself. Doing so can be extremely dangerous as increasing air supply can cause fires to spread. In addition, getting too close to the car can put you at risk of burns and excessive smoke. However, if there is no flame and only smoke comes out of the car hood, you can use a fire extinguisher.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher in a Car?

A fire extinguisher is an important safety tool in the event of a fire. You may want to consider having a fire extinguisher in your car as fire accidents are unforeseen. 

First, you need to be well aware of the location of the fire extinguisher in your car. In general, all powdered fire extinguishers do the same thing. You need to pull the key that seals the fire extinguisher and aim at the fire and press the handles together.

But keep in mind that you should only use fire extinguishers if it is safe to do so.

Where can I get a high-quality Fire Extinguisher? 

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I hope you get the complete answer to your query of What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire. I hope, it will not happen. If any case happens, you can do the fire safety practice.

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