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We are a professional team from different countries. Our main objective is to provide the highest information about different revolutions of different aspects of life. People always search for excellence but the search results are full of biased reviews. We inform the latest revolutions to the people and suggest the right products.  We don’t have any weakness in any brand and we are representing the real scenario to the people. For authentic information and unbiased reviews always keep in touch with our site.

Rakib Sarwar- CEO of Revolution Report

rakib sarwar

Rakib Sarwar, a Registered Pharmacist is the owner of this site.  He has more than ten years of professional experience in pharmaceutical marketing. In his lifetime, he has gained vast experience which he generously uses to improve the livelihoods of the people he serves from day to day.

Currently, Rakib Sarwar is working on blogging and digital marketing. He likes to find revolutions all around the globe in every sector and wants to inform readers of the facts he finds with authentic references.

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