Top 07 Songs in English That Marked The 80s

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By Rakib Sarwar

The 80s were an era that stood out for the talent and artists who starred in the music scene. Without a doubt, the songs and themes are still remembered by millions of people who have them very present in their playlists.

In addition to the hairstyles, the colorful outfits, the glam wave and the extravagant styles that were handled in that season, the music managed to mark a very large mark in the development of the industry over the years.

Many themes managed to stand out and achieve worldwide success, thus becoming an emblem of that moment. Several shone for their rhythms, for their lyrics and even for their music videos, which were recorded in the memory of countless fans.

The genres that had more relevance among the public were pop, rock, and ballads in English, which were represented by artists of all kinds. Many have come to the present and continue to interpret their successes in different presentations around the world.

This is the list of some of the greatest hits of the 80s and knows more about 80’s music with the help 80’s music trivia questions and answers. So read the complete article

Songs in English That Marked The 80s

Billy Jean – Michael Jackson (1982)

This theme was composed and produced by Michael Jackson in 1982 and is included in the sixth album, Thriller. ‘Billie Jean’, according to the singer, speaks of a group of girls he and his brothers met during a presentation of The Jackson 5.

This singer contains an anonymous foundation and talks about any fanatic girl of a band of that time because it describes the reactions and behaviors of these when seeing her favorite artist.

Michael Jackson received two Grammy Awards in 1984 for the theme, in the category of ‘Best Male Song’.

Africa – Toto (1982)

This song is part of the repertoire of the legendary rock group Toto, which launched this success in 1982 and took first place on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. It was written by keyboardist David Paich.

Although the video is basic, it became one of the most viewed music videos at the time for each verse embodied in the images. The band can be seen playing between different piles of books, while a researcher looks for a copy titled ‘Africa’.

Girls Just to Want a Have fun – Cyndi Lauper  (1983)

Cyndi Lauper became one of the most important artists of the decade, after releasing the song ‘Girls Just to want to Have Fun’ in 1983.

This success was taken as a hymn for all the young women who wanted to be free, spend time with friends and manage to spend pleasant moments with their acquaintances.

With extravagant hair color, attires armed with dresses, heels, and coats, Lauper positioned himself as one of the most irreverent characters of the pop genre, because each song talked about a moment of his life and embodied it with meaningful and funny videos.

He was ranked number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1984.

Every breath you Take – The Police (1983)

This iconic song is performed by the famous rock group The Police. It was launched in 1983 and encouraged the group to succeed. He headed the Billboard list of the 100 best selling singles for eight weeks.

The video of ‘Every Breath you Take’ shows Sting, vocalist of the group, interpreting the lyrics with a dark background and the image totally black and white.

It is currently ranked 84th in the list of the Best 500 songs of all time, according to a publication of Rolling Stone magazine.

Karma Chameleon – Culture Club (1983)

This success is part of the repertoire of the Culture Club group, led by singer Boy George, who gave much to talk about during this time for his controversial artistic image.

The single received the Brit Award in the ‘Best British Simple’ category in 1984.

This work is relevant in the industry for his music video, which was directed by Peter Sinclair and is set in the Mississippi of the year 1870.

The story tells of a group of high society people who will board a wheel steamer called ‘El Camaleon’. There they all go up and among them a thief, who steals the jewels and valuables of everyone present.

The video is characteristic of the colorful and extravagant costume that Boy George is wearing, as makeup and his feminine appearance managed to get the attention of hundreds of people worldwide.

Like a Virgin – Madonna (1984)

It could be said that this song is one of the most important of the 80s, because the irreverence, rebellion, sensuality and unique style of Madonna, managed to captivate millions of women in the world.

Published in 1984, ‘Like a Virgin’ became ranked number one on the Billboard 200, in addition to reaching the top of the international charts. He received a diamond disk for managing to distribute more than ten million copies in the USA.

The music video marked an important mark in the development of the decade since the lyrics and the peculiar fashion was introduced deep into the society that wanted to adapt these outfits and styles to everything.

I want to Break free – Queen (1984)

Under the creation of the British rock band Queen, this theme gained momentum and recognition in the ’80s for its funny and emblematic video, where Freddy Mercury and the other members of the group appeared personifying women of the same family, performing daily chores.

The video was censored by MTV in the United States during this decade and only reached the screens until 1991.

One of the successes that brought the group to fame in the 70s was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


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