Are The Business Cards Dead? 8 Experts Shared Their Thoughts

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By Rakib Sarwar

If you are one of those people who used to trade your information or the information of the company for whom you work via the help of business cards, then you might be aware of the worth they used to carry in old times.

As the advancement in technology is being witnessed these days, a lot of traditional ways have been replacing or eradicated by introducing something more profound.

And this is why, according to some of the users, they think that business card is being eradicated from the face of the world.

Back before the days when LinkedIn and smartphones weren’t even a thing. Business cards were the only thing people used to have by their side so that can spread the word about their business with ease.

Apart from its practical purpose, a business card also used to be the best way one can show off the style of their company by using the appropriate font and color scheme.

Are The Business Cards Dead? If Yes, What Are The Alternatives To The Business Cards?

Though business cards can still serve people for that cause, however, a lot more alternatives have been introduced to the people which happen to do the work of these business cards in an effective manner.

While you may be tempted to get a free digital business card, some experts have to say that the era of digital business cards is dead.

1.  Business Cards Can Be Replaced By Instant Information Exchange Via Mobile Phone

Peter Boyd, a famous and popular expert at PaperStreet Web design says that he hasn’t handed out a business card of his own in over two years. The reason behind this is that if he ever needed the feel to get the contact’s information to sell his services, he simply email them about their concern and leaves them a  message.

He believes that email happens to be a profound way to stay connected as, by email, both of the parties share their information gradually. Moreover, your email would remain with your clientele for a prolonged time, unlike a business card which eventually gets lost over time.

2.  If You Have The Name And Company, You Can Find Them On LinkedIn

David Shadpour, a renowned expert at Social Native says that he hasn’t owned a business card for the past five years.

Though he hasn’t given up the practice of meeting his clients practically.

However, he believes that if you even want to get the information of a client, you can simply hit them up on LinkedIn and add them to your network.

3.  Interactive Video Cards Can Provide Richer Information

Jaymie Scotto, the owner of the Jaymie Scotto and Associates doesn’t happen to be in the favour of business cards as well.

According to him, filming a short ten-minute video about yourself where you explain the reason behind your approach to the company tends to be a  more good idea than by sharing that old school and traditional business cards with them,

4.  Cards Should Only Be Given Out When It Makes Sense

Adam Draper, a famous expert at Gladiator law marketing appreciates the use of the business card.

He believes that this business card makes sense most of the time, however, the thing he disliked about this practice is that he believes that most of these business cards end up in the trash.

And this is why he hates giving out his business card, as a mere formality.

5.  Have A Business Card Handy For Old-School Audiences

Alex Quin, a renowned expert at UADV has given up the practice of exchanging business cards for quite a good time.

According to him, why should we even share our business cards when we can easily access the internet to do the job for us.

He doesn’t understand why people even exchange business cards when they know that their business card is going to end up in the trash sooner or later.

6.  Business Cards Are A Supplement To Digital Connections

Solomon Trhimothy, a famous expert at OneIMS believes that the use of business card these days only exist that people need to keep the tangible things around them.

However, he also stays that according to him, he doesn’t think that business cards tend to be enough to keep two parties connected with each other.

7.  Business Cards Should Be Collected, Then Digitized

Dan Golden, a famous expert at Be found online happens to be the only person who goes in the favour of these business cards. According to him, he says that business cards aren’t a thing of the past, but due to the advancement in technology, they will disappear from the face of the world sooner or later.

This is the reason he believes that we should start saving them before it becomes too late. The advice he gives us was that we should collect business cards from other people, just to maintain the faith of people in this business card maintained.

8.  Cards Are Still The Quickest Way To Exchange Information

Leila Lewis, a renowned expert at Inspired PR states that business cards do holds a viable purpose in this world. She believes that a business card is one of the easiest ways one can exchange information at events.

Though she believes that the internet can be used in this regard, but for her, the professional way one can exchange information is by these business cards.


As a matter of fact, we just can’t simply say that business cards are going to be extended in the upcoming time as you would be witnessing a lot of businesses still using these business cards.

While wrapping it all up, we believe that now you must have got an idea of what we were trying to convey here.

And with that being said, we expect that the time you have to spend over here must be of great worth to you.

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