Class C RV with best Rear Kitchens

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By Rakib Sarwar

A Class C RV comprises of a scaled down motorhome size normally associated with an automotive attached van. The aim of purchasing a Class RV normally presents an added must have a kitchen. The kitchen forms part of the RV practicality design and availability of your best cooking spaces. The aim of the RV vehicle with the added cooking or workspaces improvises to allow sufficient space for sleeping, entertaining and cooking.

The following list of Class C RV with rear kitchens I identified during my search for suitable motor homes which I can use during travel or camping trips:

Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome

If a person enjoys camping you must purchase the Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome. It allows a traveler with significant space to enjoy their camping lifestyle with a little added space needed for your family. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Hardwood doors and drawers
  • Wi-Figadget
  • Skylight over shower availability
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Cruise control included

Forest River Forester Class C Motorhome

The motorhome allows for a unique experience by presenting a U-shaped dinette with a bed over cab. It can provide sleeping space for an average of 8 people. It provides access to the air conditioner as well as a furnace to accommodate the different seasons from summer to winter.

Key characteristics associated with the Forest River Forester Class C motorhome includes the following:

  • The simple battery in step-well
  • Super Litecomplex substrate
  • 13,500 BTU ceiling air moving and roof air
  • Ultra-leather driver or passenger seats
  • 12V USB charging station

Entegra Coach Odyssey Class C Motorhome

The C RV allows for good indoor camping space, outdoor kitchen and consists of an additional camera or monitor, charging station and a microwave.

Some of the key characteristics of Entegra Coach Odyssey Class C Motorhome relate to the following:

  • 15,000-BTU air conditioner air moving
  • Dual high-output marine-grade outside speakers
  • End back-up camera and monitor
  • Self-opening charging station with 110 outlets and USB ports
  • Queen-sized bed with bedspread and under-bed storage availability

Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome

The C RV presents an outside kitchen with middle ground footage providing an outlook of a smaller but presentable motorhome. The vehicle consists of a mega-storage outlook small room size with a transportable table, cruise control, and well-defined vinyl flooring. The C RV allows for an upgrade when needed in terms of an added solid surface kitchen worktop, microwave oven, and water filtration systems.

The main characteristics of the Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome relate to the following:

  • Joined tubular harden floor
  • Premium all-in-one TPO roof
  • Upgrade living area speaker
  • Domestic vinyl floors
  • Divider cubby and net with a USB charging port

Jayco Redhawk Class C RV

The C RV became known for the popular size and length of the motorhome outlook. It provides sufficient sleeping space using a small footprint, outdoor kitchen and specially made for 1st time C RV drivers. Some key attributes of the Jayco Redhawk Class C RV relate to the following:

  • One-Piece continuous fiberglass front cover
  • End back-up camera as well as monitor
  • Vacuum-bonded, coated roof, bottom, and sidewalls
  • 15,000-BTU airwave conditioner
  • 31,000-BTU kiln with wall thermostat

In summary key characteristics that allow the C RV to present a special feel refers to an opportunity that allows for easy camping, good driving but provides an opportunity to still comprise a well suitable kitchen and motorhome. The outlook of these C RV’s allows for a stylish but practical outlook when taking on a long or short journey.

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