Do Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Really Work?

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By Rakib Sarwar

The use of a personal air purifier necklace or other devices is trending right now.  In our personal spaces, we continue to struggle with a diversity of dust, odors, pet hair, and many other unseen germs or bacteria in the air.

For this reason, we strive with sinus, flu, and generally feel uncomfortable with our health. Usually, our indoor spaces stay closed during the day if we work away from home. It increases the level of unclean air, and when we reach home, the polluted air hits us the moment we open the door.

The more we live in an environment evident in increased air pollution, the more we struggle to maintain a clean air environment. It becomes significantly essential to purchase an air purifier aligned with our circumstances.

Similar to other gadgets or innovations, we wonder if the device really works. The article below aims to provide insight if personal air purifiers really work. It also addresses the details of how it works and specific characteristics one needs to look out for.

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How do Personal Air Purifiers/Ionizers Work?

Personal air purifiers operate based on using air ionizers. These ionizers regularly clear the air that surrounds us. Do not be fooled by the size of these devices, and they actually consist of the ability to remove a significant portion of pollutants.

The filters allow for the removal of ionized dust particles and protect us from those irritating occurrences of asthma or sinuses. The air purifier also removes smoke from the air and other impurities we face daily.

The care for your personal air purifier stays vital. Also, the air purifier needs charging during certain times of the day. Take into consideration that some air purifiers come with a filter and others not.

The personal air purifiers may require users to wash these filters if they come as reusable. Others may require regular replacement of the filters to keep the device clean. No use to have equipment if we do not remove the dirty filters.

The air filters not only remove dust particles but also pollen during Springtime. It creates an additional challenge to keep one’s sinuses from not becoming blocked.

When we walk in the streets or visit the malls, we become exposed to dense pollution because of industries and a variety of environmental factors. The exposures we experience daily increase drastically. The use of a personal air purifier increased in popularity, but what are the differences between the old and the new?

Differences Between A Personal And Home Air Purifier

The primary difference between keeping a personal or the ordinary home air purifier remains a necessary explanation. The particular air purifier allows an individual to take the gadget with them. For example, if a person wants to fly, drive, or walk, the device allows for easy transportation. Because we keep it with us, it continues to clean the air where we go.

The device focuses on cleaning your personal space and to keep the air clear around a person during all times of the day. The particular air purifier presents a small instrument we keep with us throughout the day. Some devices allow for use at your office desk, bedside table, or even around your neck. We continue to focus on the wearable personal air purifiers.

Another type of personal air purifier a person may look out for relates to the HEPA filter. The filter captures tiny particles directly from the surrounding environment and also removes odors.  If you a person that struggles to breathe when living or working in a polluted environment, this offers a remedy. The HEPA ones seem the better options but not necessarily wearable.

The concern with indoor air impurities relates to the occurrences of dust on our carpets, furniture, clothing, and office furniture. To remove these dust particles, the use of a personal air purifier becomes necessary. Sometimes dust and pet hair collects on the floors that increase the collection of these particles.

Pet hair causes an increase in particle concentration in the air and generally increases exposure to diverse irritations. Many times fur on the furniture cause an intensity in our struggle to fight levels of asthma, for example. The personal air purifiers provide us with an opportunity to remove these particles as much as possible.

The ionized air purifiers focus mostly on the removal of dust particles from the environment but do not necessarily extract them in full. You still may struggle with dust particles being left on the surrounding surfaces.

Do Personal Air Purifiers Actually Work?

Do the personal air purifiers really work? Reading and researching this subject, it seems most users feel confident to use the product. The negative side of the individual air purifiers relates more to the newness of the product. Personal air purifiers only recently started to increase in popularity, and people still feel more confident to use the traditional home air purifiers.

The two most popular personal air purifiers relate to either the ionic purifier mentioned earlier on and focus on the availability of ozone. The other option refers to the use of negative ions to clean the air. The increase in negative ions allows the development of safer and cleaner air space for us.

Although the device received a lot of excellent comments, some researcher still feels it may only work within its own limits. The air purifier may only remove a small portion of dust particles, germs, and other bacteria. The wearable ones a person keeps close to them, and if not cleaned properly, it may allow individuals to sneeze more than usual.

Depending on the length of time we want to use them, it may work over short periods. It also depends on the quality of air that surrounds us and the different places we aim to travel to.

If we travel extensively for business purposes, the filter may become a nuisance if used too often on a plane, for example.

In the end, we use these personal air purifiers to clean the air around us. Some of them we can clip on a belt and others around necks.

As mentioned earlier, the device requires us to charge the instrument during the day. Travelers may need to invest in a method that consists of a USB port. It allows for easy access to recharging options at airport lounges, airplanes, or temporary office spaces.

Another option to look out for relates to the use of UV lights that shines on bacteria and other impurities in the air. The viruses we fight cannot function under these circumstances and prevent us from becoming sick because of them.


In the end, all of us strive to live in a zone free from polluted air. Personal air purifiers aim to provide us with the help we need to live healthily. Various types of personal air purifiers exist between ozone-based, negative ions focused, or the creation of UV lights. Some air purifiers we place on our tables and others we use around our necks.

It all depends on the lifestyles we follow. In the end, it remains best to use the devices that suit our lifestyles the best. Do Air Purifiers work? They do work if we purchase devices relevant to the circumstances we live in. Also if we continue to maintain the tools and clean them properly.

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