Electrolytes and our Bodies

During our active lifetimes, electrolytes play a significant role in keeping our bodies active, healthy, happy and full of energy during our busy working or study days. Clever researchers, academics, doctors and normal people like us worked together to understand the impacts of electrolytes on our eventful lifestyles and to keep us from becoming inactive. During hectic times when we attempt to exercise or taking part in various strenuous activities, we lose some of those attractive electrolytes.

Many sports drinks developed by clever institutions started to become available and assist us to replace these important substances in our health systems. The health fanatics developed interesting and colorful recipes combined with countless types of fruits, powders, honey and other ingredients explained later in the article. It is therefore critical for us to consume electrolytes daily which will prevent us from becoming sick or feeling gloomy.

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Electrolyte and Body Imbalances

According to some medical websites, electrolytes refer to an ingredient that separates ions in liquid and gains the power to charge electricity. It sounds complicated, but examples of this clever substance may provide some clarity and they are sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and phosphate. Previous generations preferred to refer to Lytes instead of electrolytes, but the new generations’ desire to grow resulted in adding some complexity to their medical terms. Electrolytes, create “excitement” in our bodies and continuously interact with each other. Other cells, tissues, nerves, and muscles also form part of the electrolyte relationship and need regular checks.

Normally, people use electrolytes during prolonged vomiting, diarrhea or if sports activities continue. Various strengths of electrolyte replacements exist, depending on the need of the substance and if prescribed by a medical doctor. Commercially one finds the availability of Pedialyte or sometimes athletes make use of Gatorade. Interestingly, the electrolyte substance also provides an upper to individuals who struggle with bulimia and anorexia.

Research has shown that electrolytes can cause various imbalances and can create the formation of diseases. The stressful lifestyle of our progressed modern society generates a continuous shortage in electrolytes and our bodies become sick. In the past, we used to think of electrolytes or lytes as something not too serious, but as medical research proceeded, we need this wonderful substance to keep our organs wealthy and happy. If we abstain from listening to the electrolyte warning, our bodies may feel off the map and display serious signs of health issues. Electrolyte imbalances may be because of poor diets, unhealthy kidneys, irregular acid-base, or sometimes patients who present signs of cancer.

Lack of electrolytes can cause serious nervous system failures, heart disorders, twitching, feelings of weakness, fatigue, and nerve problems. Our kidneys and hormones seem to play a significant role in balancing our electrolytes and keeping our bodies healthy.  If we experience high levels of electrolytes, it can create an imbalanced system and manage our bodies with difficulty, especially during our gym sessions. In addition, low levels of electrolytes can also cause an unhappy body, meaning we need the right balance for us to keep on feeling happy and confident.

Drinks and Electrolytes

Luckily, because we enjoy our daily lives and prefer to stay happy, various drinks of all sorts became available at food stores or online health websites. It seems coffee junkies and Red Bull fanatics need to change their diets to keep their electrolytes balanced. A product called DayLyte seemed to be the better option and combined with water, creating a tasty effect. We all know that sports drinks contain high levels of sugar, which can be problematic for our normal less fitness fanatic people. Doctors, therefore, recommend it to focus on natural drinks intake without sugar, for example, coconut water. Other rich electrolyte drinks also exist, for example, Emergen-C that contains limited calories but presents a sense of sweetness with a little stevia. Orange, lemon and apple juices stay friendly electrolyte options, but taking into account they carry high natural sugar levels.

Recipes for the Electrolyte Guru

Various recipes exist to assist our bodies to keep intact and prevent various sicknesses of taking over our health systems. Some examples of recipes relate to dehydration by combining water, orange, lemon, cucumber, stevia, and DayLyte to create a wonderful electrolyte drink. Homemade electrolyte drinks stay a preferred option by combining 4 cups of water, a ½ teaspoon of sea salt and ¼ raw honey to ensure the upkeep of a person’s imbalances.

Other recipes may include:

Lemon Juice Mix

1 Cup of water

2 Tablespoons of lemon juice

Little taste of salt

Sweetener if needed

Our homemade herbal tea recipe allows for a healthy best option electrolyte recipe with including the following ingredients:

Herbal Tea Mixture

Herbal tea

¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt

1 teaspoon of calcium magnesium powder

A little touch of honey

Steps: Mix the brewed tea with the added salt, calcium, and magnesium and honey. Cool and store the liquid in a refrigerator to use when needed.

The favorite cranberry-pomegranate recipe with the following ingredients creates a chilling experience for the electrolytes in our bodies:

Cranberry – Pomegranate Mix

¼ teaspoon of salt

A ¼ cup of pomegranate juice

A ¼ cup of cranberry juice

1 ½ cups of unsweetened coconut water

2 cups of water

Mix all the beautiful ingredients together and serve ice-cold.

Drinking water with limited amounts of salts and sugars can also assist with regaining electrolyte balances and keeping the body feeling healthy. Oral Rehydration Therapy may be the best method of treating a body who experienced high levels of diarrhea.

Hyponatremia related to low sodium levels in the body because of too much water in the system and allowing cells to swell may create various health problems that can be life-threatening. Electrolytes imbalances not only relate to high activity athletes but also impacts on normal people who go to work, attend the gym, fetch the children from school or study. It is therefore important that we understand the role of the electrolytes and the causes of imbalances experienced by our bodies.

Water use stays critical, but we need to replace it with alternative electrolyte balance methods and keep in mind our access to spring water declined. Stay focused, healthy and electrolyte balanced to upkeep a healthy body. A healthy happy body creates a good mind and a good sense of place, wellbeing, and pride.

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