Farmhouse Decor Style!

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By Rakib Sarwar

Farmhouse Decor styling

Décor styling is in and so we are we! There are many reasons a person would love to create a Farmhouse Décor Style, but some motivations I could think of comprise:

  • The overall outlook presents an elegant and simple pattern.
  • The availability of different materials makes the decorator feel relaxed.
  • The core of Farmhouse living forms part of a healthy organic approach.
  • The accessibility of different furniture and added features differs and allows for a continuous, interesting style.
  • Farmhouse living aligns with “green” thinking with a focus on an eco-friendly environment.
  • It is all about the creation of a balanced home with wellbeing in mind.

farmhouse style

Our beautiful homes need plants, and the best method of keeping the green style would be to use Faux Plants. One may ask why to use replicas instead of the real thing and some reasons include:

  • The plants look real with less effort than having a genuine garden.
  • The decorator can create a diversity outlook with different styles without spending a bucket load of cash.
  • These plants do not require constant watering, which can become problematic when traveling or visiting friends over long periods.
  • The landscaper can use any pot that allows a person to be more creative when choosing different shapes and colors.

The story around Coffee Books

I identified the following list of books, but depending on your interest, I would suggest taking a deep dive to research and identify information that will suit your character. According to Elledecor home shopping, some of the best coffee books one can buy include the following(Source:

  • Pink: The history of punk, pretty, powerful color by Valerie Steele, 2018
  • 1000 Chairs by Charlotte & Peter Fiell, 2013
  • William Wegman: Being Human by William A. Ewing, 2017
  • Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue by Grace Coddington, 2018
  • Buckingham Palace: The Interiors by Ashley Hicks, 2018

What do I know about Rugs?

We all misunderstand the rug environment sometimes and carry a diversification of questions we would like to ask our interior designers. Some of these questions include:

  1. What are rugs made from? – Our expensive Indian or Persian rugs normally comprise wool and cotton, others silk and then finally the lower price range is wool only.
  2. How do I wash my rug? – The best method would be to clean softly by hand, no serious chemical use or ask a professional cleaning company to assist.
  3. Do we see rugs as an investment? – We can use many Persian rugs as investments and they can last for many years.
  4. Can we place the rugs outside? – Rugs meant to be an in-house feature and protected from outside weather elements.
  5. Sometimes rugs seem to move? – The fiber and texture allow for the rugs to move but declines as the materials become older.
  6. Can rugs damage wooden floors? – Normally damages to floors do not happen because of rugs, but the occurrence of direct sunlight.
  7. How do I choose a rug? – Because of many types of rugs on display, the best option would be to decide on something close to your heart and character.

Best Tips to Stage a House

Sometimes one needs to sell a home and the staging thereof will become a necessity, the following ideas may assist the homeowner to organize the living spaces:

  • No clutter and well-organized bedrooms.
  • Colors should be fluent with limited “conflicting” looks.
  • Group your furniture in different sections.
  • Invest in good lighting.
  • Develop a neutral look, although it sounds boring.
  • Refurnish your wooden floors or replace carpets if required.

The Practicality of Modern Homes

modern house decor

The practicality of new homes can be debatable and depends on your family’s needs. Realistically it all depends on finances, taste, and practicality. The recommendation would be to follow your spirit and look at your affordability to create a home that will suit your practical needs.

Board and Batten Graze

The board and batten option may allow you to use painted colors and fix decayed walls in your home. Some woodwork creativity and change in texture will change your home in the highlight of your and your family’s day!

Glass Tile for the Beginner

One need not be a glass expert to manage glass tile decorating, and a person can use simple patterns to make beautiful shapes from the material. Many online courses can provide the beginner with the guidance they need to start.

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