13 Best Free Book Download Pdf Online Sites That Really Work

If you are a book lover, you must want to read all your favorite books and want to know the best free book download pdf online sites. There are plenty of reasons why reading a book is beneficial to you. First, you can significantly improve your conversation skills by reading books. Second, reading improves the reader’s self-discipline and consistency.

And lastly, you will increase your knowledge base on a subject if you frequently read books. While reading is excellent, you might incur some costs to purchase a good book.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case since you can take advantage of free online pdfs. And this post recommends some of the best sites to get free books for download. So, be sure to read to the end for more information.

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Best Free Book Download Pdf Online Sites

1. Libgen

If you’re looking to read free eBooks, especially in the science field, then Libgen or library genesis could be the best platform to visit. You can visit the website online or download the Libgen desktop app. The platform has a search box to help you look for your preferred eBook by title or subject.

You can then download the eBook for free then read it later when you’re free. You can also contribute to the platform by uploading content to it. And this makes it an ideal platform for authors looking to share their work with other readers.

The site is also ideal for readers interested in academic books as well as general interest books. It has a host of free eBooks, so finding a book that interests you will not be a challenge!

2. Google eBookstore

If you’re looking for a free book download online, Google eBookstore might be a nice place to visit. Besides offering paid services, this site also lets you access some eBooks for free!

What’s more, you will find the books online in various formats, including pdfs. You will also find books in multiple genres, such as crafts, health and fitness, and historical fiction.

There are unlimited genres under two major categories: fiction and nonfiction. Therefore, you will have plenty of genres to choose from if you resort to using this platform to find eBooks.

You can also find free books from bestsellers and favorite classics. Google eBook is a site that you should visit if you’re looking to expand your knowledge base at no cost.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has more than 57,000 free eBooks online for you to access. Therefore, it is another excellent free book download website for readers interested in great classic books. However, you may not find the latest free books from bestsellers.

But it is still a website worth the visit. You will not need to register to access the books online, nor will you need to pay a cent. Every book on this platform is free!

The website works 24/4, meaning you can access your favorite book at any time. You can as well download the book to read later when you’re free.

4. Open Library

This is a free platform to get some of the best eBooks free of charge. Open Library is a project by archive.org, and it has more than a million eBooks in various formats.

The website is easy to use since you can search for your desired book by the title, subject, or author’s name. Therefore, it is a website with one of the best catalogs.

What’s more, you can also contribute books to this platform. That means your book can be available for other readers using the platform. If you’re looking for a free book download pdf, this free library catalog could be where to visit.

5. Free eBooks

One feature of the Free eBooks website that you might like is its review section. You can read the reviews from other readers before downloading an eBook if you visit this website.

The website also lets readers rate available books based on their interests. As a result, you may decide to download a book or look for one with better ratings and reviews.

The website also has books on various genres, such as romance, mystery, and drama, to mention a few. You have a plethora of genres to choose from if you visit this website.

Since some of the books are in pdf format, you can have a free book download pdf. It lets you download your favorite book free of charge. And this makes it a great platform to increase your knowledge at no cost.

6. PDF Books World

This is probably the best free book download pdf platform on the list. The books on PDF Books World are in pdf format and are available to the public, thanks to the Public Domain.

If you are looking to read plenty of classic eBooks, this is one of the best platforms to visit. The website also has eBooks on other genres: plays, literature, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Therefore, it caters to all your needs regardless of the genres you find interesting.

7. International Digital Children’s Library

As a parent or someone with a child, you might want great books for children. If you are such a person, then it is time to visit the International Digital Children’s Library.

What’s more, the eBooks on this website are free, meaning you will not spend any money to enrich your child’s intellect.

There are plenty of free classic books on the platform. The books vary in length and reading levels. And there is always a book for your child since the website has books of all reading levels.

You can also find books from award-winning authors for your child. The books are also in several languages and are available for download.

Therefore, you can find English books, as well as Farsi. It, therefore, caters to children speaking different languages!

8. Feedbooks

You will need to sign up for an account for you to download free eBooks on Feedbooks. But creating an account is never a problem since the steps are simple.

Once you have registered, you will find plenty of free eBooks in pdf format.

You will need to head to the public domain section to find free books. But you can also be sure to find paid eBooks if you head for the website’s premium section.

Like many websites on the list, you will find plenty of books in a variety of genres. Finding a book in your favorite genres is never a problem.

9. LibriVox

If you are looking to listen to an audiobook for free on your computer or smartphone, then LibriVox could be your best chance! It has a catalog button for searching for your favorite books by using the title.

You can also click on the Read button and join the community of readers who make listening to audiobooks possible.

There are plenty of audiobooks on this platform, from poems to The Common Law to Personal Stories.

Finding an audiobook that you love is, therefore, never a problem if you visit this website.

10. Smashwords

This website offers a free book download kindle from over 100,000 self-publishers. And the books on this platform surpass half a million! The Kindle books are available in English as well as in other languages.

Simply visit the free eBook catalog and find your favorite eBook in Mobi or pdf format!

What’s more, you can change the way eBook entries appear on your computer screen. You can change the appearance from stacks to lists for more visual appeal.

There are over half a million Kindles on this platform. And this increases your options for the eBooks you want to read. If you’re looking for informational Kindles, then you should visit Smashwords.

11. Kindle Store

Most readers are unaware that they can find tons of free eBooks on the Kindle Store. But the key lies in how to find them! Visit the Bestseller section on the Kindle Store and then go for the “Top 100 Free” option, and you will find free book download kindle.

The Top 100 Free Kindles keeps shifting since the list undergoes several updates per day.

You can as well find free kindles via Amazon. But you will need to sign in to your Amazon first. Then you will search for free kindle books in the search box on Amazon.

You will find a few free Kindles to choose from. Therefore, you can find free eBooks online if you visit the Kindle Store.

12. Marvel

If you’re looking for free comic book download sites, then Marvel should be on your radar. First, it is also available on iOS and Android platforms.

Therefore, you can access the platform from devices such as computers and smartphones. Marvel also has a free book download app to help you download comic eBooks free of charge!

If you’re into fictional literature, then Marvel could be your best platform. It has books that feature famous characters in the comic genres, such as Iron Man, Batman, and Captain America, to mention a few.

Visit Marvel if you’re looking for the best free eBooks in the comic genre.

13. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is the home to some of the best comic books: Golden and Silver Age. And you may be amazed to learn that these eBooks are free of charge.

You can also find additional comic books on the platform for free. Select your preferred comic book from the comic strips and pulp to have a fantastic read.

Final Words Best Free Book Download Pdf Online Sites

If you’re looking for an eBook online, you can visit the sites on this list. What’s more, these sites offer free eBooks and lets you download them for free. You can then choose to read the downloaded eBooks later when you’re free.

Besides, some sites have apps to help you get free eBooks. And this means you can use your smartphone to read the eBooks after download. Therefore, these sites could provide you with unlimited eBooks to enrich your knowledge and conversation skills. You will sharpen your skills after reading the books under your favorite genres. It’s great that you now know where to get free eBooks in various formats!

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