Hire Dedicated PHP Developer Who uses the Right Framework

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By Rakib Sarwar

Being one of the reliable scripting languages for covering backend based web development services; PHP has retained its top-notch position for a long time now and for good reasons. It is a top server-side management program, which is known for its advanced framework. Most of the time, these frameworks happen to be web-based.

It helps the developers to create web apps in a proactive manner. Thanks to PHP, now you get the base for your application, which you can easily customize for matching all your needs and requirements. Some of the major frameworks tested out to be the best are CodeIgniter, Symfony, and even Laravel.

Now, the entire work of web development proves to be more scalable and efficient with guaranteed safety and stability. You can use the best PHP framework for preventing any kind of repetitive code work.

Start it off with Laravel:

Look to hire dedicated php developer, who is well-trained to work with the Laravel framework. This framework got released in 2011 and has been a proven and popular choice since then. It has the capability to work with some of the most complex web apps.

  • It helps in providing additional speed and security, whenever you are comparing with some of the other frameworks. It further helps in simplifying the development procedure.
  • The framework reduces the complex nature of some of the common tasks, which reduces the development process with ease. Some of those tasks are routing, sessions, authentication and queuing.
  • Developers are more into this platform for its wider ecosystem. That helps them to bring in immediate deployment and hosting platform with tutorials by official experts.
  • Furthermore, the framework comprises of Homestead for assisting in the hassle-free development process. It even has a stronger encrypted package with capacities using dynamic methods and functions.

The next stop is CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter is primarily known for its smaller footprint, making it a perfect choice among developers for creating dynamic websites. You have to hire a PHP developer, able to work on this PHP framework. There are so many pre-built modules available, whenever you are trying to create reusable and robust components in here.

  • This framework is pretty light in weight. So, there’s no hassle while installing CodeIgniter, due to its simple setup and illustrated documentation.
  • Apart from the best MVC architecture, this framework comprises of inbuilt security tools, top-notch error handling help, and excellent documentation.
  • Whenever you are trying to create scalable apps, the name that pops up right in your mind got to be that of this CodeIgniter. Even when compared to the other frameworks available, this particular one is pretty fast and with great performance level.

Symfony is the next one in your list:

Whenever you are trying out some of the other PHP framework options, Symfony seems to be taking the lead in this regard. This section has the most PHP frameworks and eventually held the trust of multiple developers for a longer span of time. So, plan to hire dedicated PHP programmers with a good knowledge of this framework.

  • This framework is an extensive PHP framework and will follow the standards associated with the web and PHP completely. Some of the major components used by this framework are PHP Bulletin Board, OroCRM, Drupal and more.
  • It has the ultimate option when it comes to reusable libraries and the components, used for completing multiple tasks like templating, authentication, object configuration and more.

Zend Framework as another option:

Zend Framework comes with extendable features like inheritance and interfaces. It comprises of the agile method, with the primary aim to deliver higher quality apps at always the enterprise level. The framework is mainly object-oriented in nature and was created keeping some solutions in mind.

  • The developers are widely known for using Zend Framework for its security, outstanding speed, and higher performance level.
  • You will receive great customized features with this framework and it stands with the top practices from PHP as well. This service is pretty beneficial for those willing to focus on project-specific work.

Another stop is CakePHP:

For a simple toolkit, CakePHP is here for you. It is a perfect solution for developing feature-loaded and visually impressive websites. CakePHP is one easy framework to learn, because of CRUD methodology. Right from its inception in the 2000s, this framework got its right hold in the market. It is leading the framework circle with new components, adding up every day.

Rundown through all the available options and finally select the right PHP framework for your project. Research each framework separately can offer quality results. Some other options to try out are Yii, Phalcon, FuelPHP, PHPixie and more.


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