How Many Backlinks Per Day Are Safe?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Are you a newbie internet marketer or a blogger? Are you unaware of the fact of getting your page or website optimized? Are you constantly questioning yourself that how many backlinks per day are safe? If your answer to these questions is yes, then relax. We are going to provide you with an article containing all information in one place.

We are aware that creating a new website or web page and running it is not an easy task. Furthermore, to make it rank at the top in the search engine is another issue, and not many people are aware of how to do it. The question about this problem that pops out instantly is how many backlinks per day are considered safe.

If you are looking for these answers, then in this article, we are providing you with solutions that will solve your problem. You can consider the options that are natural and suitable for your website and can prevent yourself from penalty. Also, make sure not to neglect the quality of backlinks you are using. So, you must make sure to read the entire article to get your answers.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

All backlinks created are not necessarily considered as equal. Some of them are superior to others, and many other factors also contribute in this manner. One good link is considered more worth full when compared to 10,000 crappy backlinks.

Backlinks are considered as a continuous chain that links different websites from one another. Good backlinks are regarded as a constant, strong, firm, and reliable chain, whereas bad backlinks chains are rusty and neglected that do not fulfill their duties.

The context of the link is the main factor in its ranking. Furthermore, link quality and its strength also contribute to its success. A large number of linking roots domain of a website cannot assure its success and a win in search engine.

Quantity V/S Quality Of Backlink

Some people argue that the quantity of backlinks is far more critical than its quality. The question remains, are they correct?

If you are doing LinkBuilding for your website, make sure to choose ‘Quality over Quantity.’ Doing this will increase the number of backlinks, and it is safe for your website.

If you need to create a massive number of backlinks, make sure to get these links from high-authority websites. These websites are ranked very well on Google. By doing this, you can rank your website 100 times better rather than using backlinks from low-authority websites.

Relevance is another essential factor; if you use a backlink from a domain or an article relevant to your link, it will make a lot of sense and let Google know about your website. The Footprint (unique signature) and TLD (Top Level Domains) are also essential factors for creating top-quality backlinks.

Can Too Many Backlinks Get You A Penalty?

Are you worried that creating too many backlinks in a single day get you a penalty? If you want an answer for this, it may be ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ It depends upon the consequences of your action.

If you manage to get some good press for your website, it can lead to hundreds and thousands of editorial backlinks per day. It does happen in the real world, and in case you go viral on the internet, Google does not issue you any penalty.

However, if you are new in the field and have little experience in SEO, and you are a bit impatient to go viral, you may use aggressive anchor text that enhances your chances of getting a penalty from Google. If you have some other things that occur as unnatural or as a pattern in the search engine, it may also lead you towards a penalty.

With the passage of time, backlinking has become more and more complicated, and Google has introduced the Penguin update. This update gives penalties to websites whose backlinks appear un-natural, and even it has a feature of attacking spammy backlinks.

Start Slowly

If you want to rank your website on the search engine, start slowly and gradually attain the pace. Do not rush backlink building; instead, slowly increase the rates and numbers over time. Make sure to accumulate more and more links over time; you will build more and more links and still appear natural in this manner.

Once your web traffic starts to grow, gradually increase the number of backlinks per day, it won’t raise suspicion. In the beginning stages of your website, try to stick on pillow linking for few months before moving towards other types of backlinks. You can also start with links that have natural anchors like guest posts and edits.

Another critical factor to consider in this manner is to obtain backlinks from different domains. By doing this, you will lead your website to promising results, and Google will consider that your backlinks are obtained in a natural way, and you may rank top in search engines.

Lastly and most importantly, to get the best results, stay up to date. Constantly monitor your backlinks and regularly audit your website. You can monitor these things by using SEO tools for analysis of everything in connection with your website.


That is all about the article, and we hope that it will prove helpful to you. You can get an idea of how you can manage your website and make it top in the search engines. Also, you are now fully aware that not all kind of backlinks is helpful for you; some can cause more harm than good. Moreover, quality comes before quantity.

Furthermore, keep it slow and steady, because sometimes rushing for something gets you in a lot of trouble. Now you have read the entire article and are fully aware that there is not a specific number that you can act upon. You can rely on the information we have provided you in the article and use it in the future.

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