All About Server and How It Works

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By Rakib Sarwar

Today we can get any information by searching the internet and we want to watch videos on Youtube. All of this cannot happen without a server, friends, we have seen many times that whenever we go to work in a bank, the bankers will tell us that the servers are down.

Many of us do not have any information about the server. If you use the Internet, then you must have general knowledge about the server.

What is a server? 

A server is a computer. If you can explain in simple language, servers are more than one computer that works together. The server is busy sending and receiving a lot of data simultaneously.

As soon as the data is sent by the server, the Web Browser available in our computer works to retrieve the data given by the server, the same process happens whenever we use the Internet in any way.

Servers are very different from our computers, servers are built in such a way that they can run at all times. Because the server always has to keep running, the server cannot be shut down even for a second. Today, there are separate servers for all the services we use on the Internet.

If we need any kind of information, then we take the help of servers available around the world. We have often seen that we upload any image on social media, even after many years, those images are safe. The reason was that the image was uploaded on the server.

We use the server for this because this server is available 24 hours 7 days and 365 days a year, the servers are always working, this is why it is called a server.

If you want to make your computer a server as well, then you can do this, you just have to install the server software. But here one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot always keep your computer.

What are the types of servers?

There are many types of servers and a server has its own different functions. Perhaps you have seen some of these servers. And many of these server names may not even be heard. We will give you information about all the servers one by one. Together, they will also tell that they are used on the cake.

Mail Server 

Friends, first of all, we talk about Mail Server. Today there are many Mail Services available on the Internet such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud Mail, Zoho Mail, Outlook Mail, Aol Mail, and many more Mail Services are available from all of this company. To avail of the services, we need a Mail Server.

Web Server 

We use this web server more than everyone, through this server, the website appears on our Web Browser. The work of the webserver is to send data to the web browser and to receive the data from the web browser.

FTP Server 

Whenever there is talk of a server, there will be a talk of an FTP server. Because it is one of the oldest servers available on the Internet, FTP is known by the name that this server is used only to send and receive files.

What is the use of the server?

Servers are used everywhere today, be it a school or a company, a server is needed to send and receive their data at every place, but the most use is done through the Tech Company.

Because they need more servers to provide services to its customers, the government also uses the server, the government uses it more to store the information of Sarkari Yojana.

Friends, we have said that the server is the most used, but it has provided information about this, it will help you some.

  • Online Cloud Store
  • Streaming videos
  • Banking Sector
  • Social media
  • Send messages

We also use another important server with you to send the most online messages. Today, a large number of messages are sent and received worldwide every day.


Friends, we have provided you all the information about the server through this post. In this post, we have what is a server? Very well explained about how servers work. For more details must read:- blog post times


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