How Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa Can Be Fruitful for Your Career

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By Rakib Sarwar

Every year thousands of international students come to Australia with a dream of a bright future on student visa subclass 500. These students get enrolled in the courses related to many different disciplines. Australia has employment opportunities for the people related to different occupations. But there are some occupations that have more significantly in demand than others.

Nowadays the occupations related to information technology, science, tourism, and engineering are in limelight the most. International students can make the dream of starting their career in Australia after graduating truly with the right kind of visa and the right career choice. Many visas and programs are offered by the Australian government that can help the recent graduate to get experience by working in their respective fields in Australia.

Some of these visas are based upon the occupation the recent graduate belongs to. A skilled recognized graduate visa is such a visa. In this article, we will talk about this visa and how this visa can be beneficial for one’s career in Australia.

What is a skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476?

This visa is for recent engineering graduates. This visa permits the recent graduates who have completed their engineering degrees from specific educational institutions in Australia to live, study and work in Australia. The duration of this visa is 18 months.

What are the conditions for this visa?

Like every other Australian visa there are some conditions that are needed to be fulfilled by the applicant to apply for this visa. These conditions are given below

  • The applicant should have recently completed one of the following higher education degreesBachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree
    • Ph.D. degree
    • Postgraduate diploma
  • Must have completed a degree in any of the following engineering lines
    • Electronic engineering
    • Civil engineering
    • Mining and Material engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • Environment engineering
    • Mechanical, Production and Plant engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Structural engineering
  • The age of the applicant should not be more than 31 years
  • All the health and character requirements are to be fulfilled
  • Must prove English proficiency through an eligible English language test e.g. IELTS
  • Should not be a former holder of subclass 476 or subclass 485 

What can one do with this visa?

Following are things this visa entitles you to:

  • One can be living in Australia or outside Australia at the time of application of this visa
  • The holder of this visa can live in Australia up to 18 months
  • Under with visa, one can study in Australia
  • This visa also allows you to work in Australia
  • The applicant of this visa can include other family members in this visa at the time of application. They included family members should fulfill the eligibility criteria
  • One is allowed to travel to and from Australia whenever he or she wants within the granted period of this visa

What are the benefits of this visa for one’s career?

This visa has various benefits for recent engineering graduates as it gives them a chance for them to work in Australia and gain experience in their fields by working in Australian workplaces. This visa also allows one to study and excel in his or her occupation more. One can make worthy contacts in engineering circles that can be helpful in the future. One can also utilize this time in looking for visas that can allow him or her to start a career in Australia and can lead towards Australian PR.

Hopefully, this discussion was adequate enough to provide some useful information about visa subclass 476. If you want to learn more about this visa or any other Australian visa ask our migration agent Melbourne who will be happy to help you.


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