Hp Deskjet Printer Problems: Why Is The HP Deskjet Printer Not Working?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Hp Deskjet Printer Problems

We often become stuck with printers and wonder Why Is The HP Deskjet Printer Not Working?HP Deskjet printer is a top model which is best known for home devices. This desktop printer has good printing quality and provides a better speed. You can also use the printer on the network for sharing. But many users face few issues with desktop printers. Your printer device can show you errors due to several reasons.

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Why Is The HP Deskjet Printer Not Working?

  1. Your HP printer driver is not working
  2. Paper jam
  3. Stuck print job
  4. The printer’s printhead is not working
  5. Network error
  6. The user is sending an invalid command

Troubleshooting HP Deskjet Printer Error

1. Check the driver on your system

When the HP desktop printer is not working; inspect the driver. The printer will not work if the driver is not working. Your HP printer driver is like the communication channel. Drive communicates with the HP printer. But when the driver gets into error; it stops working. Your HP printer won’t work until it gets the command. Without a driver, the HP printer will not understand the command.

The user has to inspect the driver for the error. Open your computer and then go to your HP printer driver. If the driver is corrupted then repair it. If the user can’t repair the driver files manually then he can use the driver repair tool. You can go to the web and then browse for the compatible driver repair tool. Install the repair tool and run it on your system.

This tool will check for the files which are showing errors and then repair them. Also, check the driver for a new update. Your driver can show issues when running out-of-date. Sometimes, the driver repair tool is unable to fix all the files of your driver. The user can try reinstalling the driver on his device. Go to your HP website and then download the setup on your system.

2. Reconnect The HP Printer to The System 

HP printer offline occurs when the printer is not connected to the system. You have to reconnect the printer with your system. Disable the HP printer and take out the cable. Now reconnect the printer to the computer via cable and then search for the available devices. When you use the HP printer with phone via Wi-Fi then disable it on both devices.

Now reopen the Wi-Fi and now search for the HP printer on your phone. In the network printing, disconnect the printer from the router. Restart the Wi-Fi button and now the lamp will blink. When the HP printer connects to the access point; the lamp will become lit. Now go to the system and search for an HP printer device.

3. Inspect for pending or stuck print job 

Sometimes the HP printer can get into printing issues when any of the jobs get stuck. You have to delete the stuck job in an account for taking the printouts. The user has to open the print spooler and then remove the stuck print job.

Your printer can also show the errors due to low memory. The user gives many print jobs and the memory gets fully occupied. You have to delete the pending jobs on the HP device. Go to the printer and check what’s printing. Now delete all the pending jobs and then give new print command.

4. Reinstall the ink cartridge 

Many people get printing errors when the cartridge is not installed on your HP printer correctly. Users sometimes forget to check the pins of the printer. Your cartridge has pin contacts on the side. The HP printer won’t find the cartridge until the pins touch the contacts.

Take out your cartridge and check its sideways. Also, check the pins on your printer; if they are bent then fix them. While installing the cartridge; remove the plastic protective tapes and clips. Remove all the tapes before installing. Now insert your cartridge and then restart the printer. Check whether the HP printer has identified the cartridge or not.

5. Paper Jam 

Users can barely face paper jam issues on HP desktop printers. When the roller draws multiple pages; the HP printer gets into a paper jam. Go to the HP printer and then remove the pages from the roller. Turn on your device and give the command. If the printer is not working then talk to the HP technical team.

Final Words Regarding Hp Deskjet Printer Problems

Here we have discussed 5 possible options regarding “Why Is The HP Deskjet Printer Not Working?” Try these hacks to solve the Hp Deskjet Printer Problems.

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