How To Elevate Your Own On-Demand Medical Business With Practo Clone App?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Everyone’s life has changed a lot due to the hazardous pandemic. Let it be shopping or buying groceries everything has turned out to be digital. Meanwhile, the medical industry is also budding in online platforms. Almost all hospitals have their own app in the online marketplace. Entrepreneurs are developing their own on-demand app like Practo. 

What is practo clone app?

The Practo app is a one-stop solution for instant healthcare consultation. The user will be able to connect with the doctors virtually. There are many telemedicine solutions available. For instance, Zocdoc, Practo, Lybrate, Healthtap, and many others. Practo has been leading with many reputed doctors and is the most trusted app.

Revenue Model of the Practo Clone App

  1. Commission-based Model
  2. Subscription-based Model 
  3. Freemium Model
  4. Adverts Model

Firstly in the commission-based model, you will be able to collect some through the fee charged for the patients. You can access a few earnings from the doctor’s consultation fee. Indeed this is considered to be a good revenue model.

Secondly, you can provide a subscription pack either monthly or yearly. The users will be allowed to choose a package to access your app regularly.   

Thirdly, in the freemium model, you can allow the users to access only basic functions. You can set them to access other functionalities only if they subscribe.

Last but not least, you can also promote the pharmacist through advertisements. You can display advertisements regarding the healthcare sector. For a set price, you can promote their products, supplies, and services.   

What Are The Core Benefits Of Practo Like App? 

Absolutely the Practo app is an excellent platform for professional doctors. Apart from the traditional way of treating patients, this online platform can also boost their healthcare business. You can build a robust app in the healthcare industry. You can provide hassle-free booking appointments for the users. The user must be able to access the medical reports efficiently. It is also essential to add multiple payment methods so that people from around the world can utilize your app. 

You will be allowed to choose the doctors. With all the proper certificates and verifications, you can approve them on the category list. The app developer provides separate panels for the users. For instance, the doctor has their panel, and the patients have a separate panel. You will be able to monitor them in your admin panel. 

  • Remote Healthcare Services: People from urban and remote areas can instantly connect with doctors. They do not have to go miles in search of hospitals. With an app like Practo, the users need internet facilities. This will be a vital source to boost your business.
  • Time Management: The user can schedule appointments with the doctor in their available timings. Therefore the doctors can effectively manage their timings for the appointment and also stabilize their work-life. 
  • Secured Data Transfers: The medical records shared by the user will be safe and secured with doctors. The doctors will give digital prescriptions based upon the user’s medical records.  
  • Record History: The medical history of the users is highly secured and saved using the software. In case if there is any need, both the patients and the doctors can refer to it.
  • Effortless Monitoring: The health conditions of the patients will be continuously followed by the doctors. The professionals can give consultations based on it. They can also prepare prescriptions digitally whenever needed. 

Different Solutions Provided In Practo Clone Script 

  • On-demand Doctors App: The professional doctors can look into the patient’s profile. They can also provide digital prescriptions for the patients. You can allow the patients to  connect with the doctors via voice or video consultations.
  • Appointment Booking App: The patients can easily book an appointment for a virtual consultation. There is no more waiting for them to either stand in a long queue or to travel a long distance. 
  • Health Monitoring Solutions: A continuous monitoring of health will be mandatory. Through this app, the doctors will be able to look at the health conditions periodically. The doctors will be notified if there is any downfall in the patient’s health condition. 
  • EMR/EHR Solutions: The software is integrated with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Henceforth it is easier to access the medical records. The data in the app is highly secured.
  • Medicine Delivery Integration: You can also build an app with a medicine delivery system. Once the digital prescription is uploaded, the user can connect with the pharmacists too. The pharmacist can deliver the required medicine right at their doorstep. This can enhance the growth of pharmacists in the digital platform. 

Winding Up 

You can instantly levitate your Practo Clone app development through the experienced app developers. They also provide a white-label solution for entrepreneurs. The app that they develop is compatible with all the devices. People from all backgrounds can utilize your app. There is no doubt about it. Pour out your innovative ideas to create your healthcare app. 

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