4 Reasons Why Travel is So Important in Life

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By Rakib Sarwar

Traveling can change your life for the better. From overcoming your fears of conducting yourself in a better way, traveling teaches you a lot. It is like a transformation course that you get as a bonus. When I did travel to see USA tourist attraction, I opted for the travel-related channels as well. Watching travel shows became my favorite hobby. These shows encouraged me to go on solo trips as well as embarking on trips with my group of friends.

Reasons Why travel is so important in Life

Here is how I benefitted from the many trips:

Improved Communication Skills

I have been an introvert for a better part of my life. Traveling changed this about me. I got the chance to meet people from various backgrounds. I always wanted to converse with the locals of a place that I was visiting. But the shy me was also reluctant. I overcame my awkwardness by reaching out to the locals and indulging in small talk with them.

Moreover, traveling instilled in me a sense of tolerance as I often had and have to communicate with people that do not speak the same language as I do. Getting my message across such people seemed like a task in the beginning. I would admit that I often lost patience. But now none of that happens.

Discovering New Cuisines

I am a foodie and I have no regrets. The most exciting part for me before I travel to any country is reading about their cuisine. And the best part is when I get there and get to relish the same cuisine I read about. If the foods live up to the hype, you won’t see a happier person than me. However, if they don’t I become a bit sad. Anyhow, that does not stop me from enjoying it.

The point is that you get to enjoy a great number of cuisines when you travel. Thus, giving your taste palette some different flavors to try. This can turn out to be both a good and a bad experience. However, you do get introduced to the authentic flavors of a place.

Exploring New Cultures

This perhaps is the best part of traveling. I will rate it higher than discovering new cuisines. Although that is also a very interesting aspect, the knowledge that you get enriched with when you explore the various cultures, is immense. This knowledge stays with you for ages to come. As opposed to the one that you read about in the books only to forget later.

Learning about new and unique cultures is not just enriching for the mind but the soul as well. When you visit a country, you do not just experience their culture, but you get to hear their language apart from observing their traditions and customs as well. This is a very rich experience in itself.

With such exposure, you become more tolerating of other cultures and people. Thus, enabling yourself to be more flexible to changes. And adjusting well with different people.


If you want to grow, choose traveling. You will not only step out of your comfort zone but will do things that are not a part of your daily routine. Hence, making you more aware of how people in various places are living their lives. And that life is not always a piece of cake. Apart from stepping out of your comfort zone, traveling also makes you an independent individual. Because you cannot rely on someone to take care of you. You have to take care of yourself and handle your luggage and finances all by yourself.

All of this makes you a confident and self-sufficient individual. The challenges that you face groom you. At times, traveling even offers you opportunities. Whatever it is that you come across while your traveling, one thing is for sure that you become a better version of yourself.

I remember working at the call center to collect enough money to travel around the world. That was the beginning of my many travel expeditions. And if I look back at my past self (10 years back), I can proudly say that I have become a completely different person. The friendships that I made along the way in various parts of the world are priceless. I would not trade them for anything in this world.



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