Room Scheduler Software and its Application

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By Rakib Sarwar

Are you a person working in a shared workspace and tired of being on a waiting list for meeting/conference rooms to conduct your meetings, presentations, and seminars? If yes, then do not worry. We are going to provide you with an optimal solution for your problem.

It is very frustrating to book meetings and conference rooms when there is a lot of clash between schedules. These clashes seem to reach a peak during the busiest seasons when employees have to provide annual reports. Moreover, keeping track of the bookings manually is a nightmare for management due to double bookings and lost records which create chaos in the meantime.

Room scheduler software is the best solution to your problem. They help you make your desk booking online, and you can keep track of it. Moreover, it prevents you from double bookings. You can also check for the availability of rooms at any time. All in all, it prevents you from a ton of labor and saves your precious time. 

What Is Room Scheduler Software?

Room scheduler software is an application that is developed mainly to plan and book a meeting room/conference room in offices. Particularly in shared workspaces where meeting slots are always full, and there is a clash of time for different departments using limited space for their meetings.

This software is used to maintain centralized and accessible databases for employers and management in the office. These databases contain comprehensive information regarding the availability of meeting places and conference rooms at any instance. And the availability of slots in the future, so that different schedules do not clash with each other.

The process of booking meeting/conference rooms in an office and renting equipment for the conference is made much easier by using room scheduling software. It not only ensures uninterrupted workflow but also introduces a proper structure in your workplace. 

How To Use A Room Scheduler Software?

Many people think that this application is quite complicated; however, this is not wrong. Using this room scheduling software is relatively easy, and a stepwise method to use this app is as follows:

  • First of all, you have to log in to the application with your verified email address.
  • Click on the dashboard to make your reservations.
  • Then, click on the new reservation tab and select all of your relevant options.
  • Next, check for the availability of space in your office building and the floor you want to occupy.
  • Make sure to choose an available option.
  • Select the date and start and ending time of your meeting.
  • If that time slot is already booked, then select the other available slots for the same time.
  • Now, confirm all the information for the reservation.
  • Add any specific notes related to your meeting.
  • You can also add invitation subjects and emails.
  • Finally, create your reservation, and it will be saved and visible on the dashboard.

Our Recommended Room Scheduler Software?

There are many room scheduler software available on the internet, namely Skedda, The WorxHub, MYBOS, Robin, FMS: Workplace, TOPdesk, CivicRec, Teem, Deskflex, and many more. Also, many options make this software successful in the market, but some are unique such as Deskflex that make it stand out.

Deskflex room scheduler software is an affordable way to make your workspace most efficient. Furthermore, it is an effortless and user-friendly application. Using this application, you can make the best use of your workspace, and an increase in the workflow process is ensured.

Deskflex meeting room scheduling program prevents confusion and frustrations due to lost reservations and no-shows during peak seasons when team evaluations, presentations, and annual reports are due.

It also avoids team member’s disengagement and frustration levels, and you can also observe an enhancement in the satisfaction level of team members. This enhancement leads to an increase in productivity and morale. 

Deskflex Room Scheduler Software Features

There are many unique features of Deskflex scheduler software that compel the person or company to choose this application. Here are a few features that make this application superior and user-friendly in comparison to others.

  • The meeting room booking app is free of cost.
  • Deskflex offers build-in customization features to modify the aspects according to someone needs.
  • Online reservations system allows your employees to make reservations, modify them or even cancel their bookings.
  • MS Outlook/MS Exchange Integration feature makes all the reservations visible in one place.
  • Room Display Touchscreen feature avoids double bookings.
  • Customized 3D floor maps allow you to choose an optimal workspace.
  • Users can view the status of meeting rooms with color-coded indicators; green indicates space availability, red shows that space is currently occupied. Yellow indicates room availability within the next 30 minutes, and blue indicates that this workspace has a permanent user.
  • Deskflex room booking online system is highly suitable for venue rental business as it has a feature of sale system for rental companies to accept online bookings and check-out payments.
  • Deskflex provides you with a fully-featured web-based room scheduling software for small and large businesses.
  • Deskflex room booking software can integrate with web-based software such as Okta, Office 365, Active Directory, Outlook, Zapier, and numerous others.
  • Vaccine management tools and returning to the office with social distancing is another recently added feature of Deskflex.

Final Words

That’s all we have got. We hope until now you might have got the idea of what is room scheduling software and how you can use it to lessen your burden. You can also get an idea about the pros and cons of the software, and it will help you choose the more convenient and easy to use the software.

In the future, if you are thinking about getting room scheduling software for your business or firm, feel free to check the desk booking feature of Deskflex. The wonderful features involved in this software make it user-friendly and effective. In addition, it is highly economical as its meeting room app is free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting room with Deskflex now!

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