8 Tips For Getting The Sleep You Need

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By Rakib Sarwar

Sleeping Tips You Need

Take The Time To Relax

A lot of people who sleep poorly suffer from stress-induced sleep problems.  This is why you need to take the time to relax before you go to bed.  To do this, you could read a book, take a warm bath or listen to some soothing music.  There are some people who find writing a to-do list for the next day helps them stop worrying as they go to bed.  All of these steps should be tried to help you find the one that works the best.

Have A Routine

Routines help babies and children fall asleep, but many people do not realize this can help adults as well.  Having a routine for bedtime will help your body program itself to naturally fall asleep and wake up at certain times.  While it can be hard to get into a routine, you need to be strict about this.  our routine should incorporate your relaxation time. 

Avoid Technology

Most people take their phone or computer to bed with them or have a TV in their bedroom.  This is something you need to avoid and ban electronics from your bedroom.  You should also avoid using technology in the hour before you sleep.  These devices will emit blue light which has been found to suppress melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Make Your Bedroom A Restful Environment

If you are uncomfortable in your bedroom, you will not be able to sleep well.  This is why you need to ensure your bed offers the support you need and has enough space, take a look at these Purple mattress reviews.  Your bedrooms should be the right temperature to sleep comfortably.  Pale colors and a lack of clutter combined with pleasant scents such as lavender will help you create a soothing atmosphere that makes sleeping easier.

Do Not Watch The Clock

When you are not getting enough sleep, you can start to worry about this and that prevents you from sleeping.  The best way to deal with this is to remind yourself that you should rest in bed and think good thoughts.  This will be more productive than watching the clock or tossing and turning.  If you are unable to stop watching the clock, you need to turn it around or put it on the other side of the bed where it will not distract you from your sleep.

Eat The Right Food

When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you will generally sleep better.  There are also certain foods such as chicken, milk, pumpkin seeds, and turkey that are particularly beneficial.  These foods contain serotonin and tryptophan which are vital in the production of melatonin and getting a good night’s sleep.

Avoid The Wrong Foods

Alcohol, coffee, large meals, and spicy foods need to be avoided in the house before you go to bed.  A lot of people find that drinking coffee in the afternoon will also impair their ability to sleep correctly.  Sugary foods should also be avoided because the energy spike and sugar crash will cause problems for your internal clock.  Research has found that sleeping poorly will push you to junk food the next day and this creates a cycle of poor sleep and a bad diet.

Promote Sleep With Darkness

In the past, people woke with the sun and went to sleep when it became dark.  Our bodies still recognize this and a darkened room will help you sleep.  Turn down the lights when you start to feel sleepy and you will generally sleep better.  If there are lights outside your window keeping you awake, you should buy an extra curtain lining or get some blackout blinds.


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