Top 10 Smartest Animals in The World 2022 – You Must Know

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By Sharon Martin

From ants and bees to whales and elephants, all animals make decisions. And critters of nature consistently amaze humans with their ability to think.

Humans always underrate the brainpower of animals by depending overly on intelligence tests based on what humans can do. 

We take this fact for granted that humans are the most intelligent beings on Earth without understanding what actually makes us different. 

Is it our ability of planning, tool usage, object permanence, or how we build complicated social relationships? 

Some animals have few of these features, and some have all. In this article, you will read about the smartest animals in the world.


The use of rats as research animals in laboratories for years is not any coincidence. In fact, the trained rats save thousands of lives by identifying TB (Tuberculosis) in humans and sniffing out landmines throughout our planet. 

Yes, they have a comparatively small and undeveloped brain, but it functions pretty similar to the one humans have in structure and working. Rats can memorize routes, figure out mazes, and do complicated multiple-step tasks.

A rat only takes 30 minutes to check the tennis court area for mines, whereas humans take four days and a metal detector to complete this task, APOPO says. One more impressive thing about rats is they can learn to play hide and seek.


It is proven that Pigeons recognize their reflection, which presents a mixed sense of self-awareness. We today have excellent knowledge about the intellectual abilities of this animal because of the countless scientific experiments it has been through. 

Even after few years have passed, pigeons can identify hundreds of images. 

Moreover, they can recognize themselves in the mirror, be taught to do a series of movements, can realize all alphabets of the English letter, and distinguish between different paintings. 


Crows were also used as messengers like pigeons. They are intelligent animal species with the ability to apply group tactics when fighting other animals. 

It is observed that crows that live in urban areas in Japan gather nuts from trees to place them on the street for cars passing through crack open the shells. 

Later, when the light change, they go back to the street to regain their nutty snack!


Despite their poor hygiene and reputation for gluttony, pigs are knowledgeable beings. Both wild and domestic species can adapt to different ecological situations. 

Also, they can make about 20 different sounds to communicate, and when feeding the children, mother pigs sing to their children. Pigs react to emotions and also show empathy when suitable. 

Some domestic have made their place among favorite pets in the United States because they are as trainable as dogs and cats.


The only invertebrate animal to make to the list of smartest animals in the world is Octopus. Since only a single member of its class has made it to the list, you might be wondering, are octopuses really smart? 

It is observed that Captive octopi use high-order plans, including few steps to escape captivity, and others can destroy things even outside their tank by repeatedly splashing water on them. These cephalopods are deceptively clever!


African grey parrots have made it to the list of smartest animals globally because of their ability to learn human speech and master an impressively extensive vocabulary, up to hundreds of words. 

They are considered to have the smartness of a five-year-old human. They can identify and recognize colors and shapes, understand spatial reasoning, and even learn the relationships between smaller and bigger, alike and different, and under and over.


The first thing we notice after seeing an elephant is its huge size. People think that these Elephants are only lumbering giants with big noses and ears. But, they are exquisite, curious, cultured, and have a good memory. 

Moreover, they can identify almost 30 relatives from their urine scents. And, if they believe that sacrificing themselves will enable the rest of their children or the herd, they will do it!

Elephants will sacrifice themselves if they believe that it will allow the rest of the herd or their children to escape to safety.


Chimpanzees are our closest genetic relatives, sharing 98 % of their DNA with humans. Chimps can learn sign language and can communicate with humans. An individual they have not seen in years can still remember the same sign for them! 

Scientists found adult members of the chimpanzee family unit training their young ones to learn sign language. 

Do you know what the most exciting part is? No human interaction or prompting was there whatsoever; they taught the children sign language by themselves!


Some people believe that Bottlenose Dolphins should be ranked first on the list of smartest animals in the world, but they made it to the 2nd position. 

Do you know why killer whales and dolphins are the centers of attraction at most aquariums? This is because they are smarter than most of the other beings on Earth.

 Over eight dolphin species are present on our planet, but the Bottlenose dolphin made it here. Among their all relatives, they have a huge brain size. 

Also, they are the only dolphin with fused cervical vertebrae, allowing them and their heads to make nodding emotions like humans.


These great apes are thought the smartest beings after humans. The Orangutans relate to chimpanzees when it comes to learning sign language, using tools, and having complex social structures having rituals.

If trained, they can use a hammer and nails and even use a hose to siphon liquids. They are native to Indonesia and are critically endangered because of habitat loss.


This was our pic of the smartest animals in the world. Did you liked them- Or did any of them surprise you? 

We always come up with excellent knowledge and facts about animals to spread animal awareness and make people understand animals more and more! 

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