Is Swimming, Cycling, Walking Good For SI Joint Pain?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Are you suffering from severe pain in SI joints and want to know if swimming, cycling, and walking good for you? If your answer to this question is yes, then do not worry. We are going to provide you with an article that will help you get all the information tied at one place.

We are fully aware of how difficult it is to live with constant pain when you cannot perform any chore and feel excruciating pain every time you move. The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SI joint pain) limits one’s mobility. However, ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH,’ and one suffering from anything tries his best to fully recover.

In this article, we will provide you with options other than medication that will speed up your recovery. Few types of cardiovascular exercises prevent the patients from further injury and relieve stress from joints. You can follow these routines to recover soon.

Benefits Of Exercise For SI Joint Pain

A series of exercises are considered ideal for SI joint pain, and the best results can be obtained when a person is consistent with the exercise routine. These exercises relax tensed muscles and ligaments attached to the joint and restore their natural movements. It also helps in the conditioning of ligaments and muscles to support the joints in a better manner.

A gentle exercise routine can help achieve strength in lower back muscles and consistency in joint flexibility. In addition, stretching helps relieve tension and inflammation in lower back muscles and reduces pain and discomfort while walking. One of the benefits of exercise also includes stability to a person while standing on one leg or walk.

Exercise also provides alignment to the body and reduces back pain to a great extent.

Is Swimming Good For SI Joint Pain?

Swimming is considered excellent practice for the person suffering from SI joint pains. It is an effective low-impact exercise that does not put any pressure on SI joint. In addition, the resistance property of water provides a very gentle workout for muscles that reduce the risk of injury due to loss of balance.

The natural buoyant force of water supports the person’s weight, thus relieving the pressure on the joint. It also improves the balance and strength of the body that helps to carry on with other exercises on land. Swimming also provides power to the muscles and conditions them, which ultimately prevents the reoccurrence of pain.

Adopting swimming as your regular exercise will make it easier to move around. In addition, it will improve your flexibility, and the chances of hurting yourself while exercising will reduce to none.

Is Cycling Good For SI Joint Pain?

A few exercises are considered bad for SI joint pains as they cause more damage than good. Cycling is one of them; excessive cycling can cause a lot of pain by putting extreme pressure on SI joints.

Prolonged duration of cycling puts your pelvis, sacrum, and lower back in a flexed position, allowing your core muscles to relax and further increase the risk for SI joint injury. It also causes inflammation in SI joints and flexes your spine.

Reclined/recumbent bikes in gyms are designed in a particular manner that supports and allows your glute, thighs, and calves to exercise with less strain. Usually, many people suffering from SI joint pain get relief using these cycles. It increases blood flow to the sore back and hips without putting stress on SI joints.

Is Walking Good For SI Joint Pain?

Walking is always considered the best option for patients suffering from SI joint pain. However, it comes under the category of a low-impact form of exercise.

The faster-paced walking gently increases heart rate and the working of muscles in the lower body. Walking is gentler on SI joints when compared to jogging or running. Exercise walking can be done quickly on a treadmill or around the neighborhood, and it can easily fit into a regular schedule.

Exercise walking strengthens the muscles of the feet, legs, and torso, enhances the spine’s stability, improves posture and flexibility, and allows a greater range of motion in joints. It also strengthens bone density, which decreases the susceptibility to future joint injuries.

Best Cardio For SI Joint Dysfunction

Aerobic exercises are considered the best cardiovascular activity for SI joint dysfunction. It elevates heart rate and promotes circulation of healing nutrients to the injured and weakened soft tissues in the SI joint. It would work best when done for 20 to 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

Low-impact aerobic exercises are relatively gentler on the lower back and pelvis. Swimming, walking, or exercising on an elliptical machine are ideal and best suited for patients suffering from SI joint dysfunction. As a result of these exercises, endorphins are released, which help in lessening pain.

Low-back stretch is another cardio that is suited to relieve pain in joints. It increases the flexibility of low-back muscles and relieves the tightness and discomfort caused by SI joint pain.

Running on an elliptical machine is another best-suited exercise for SI joint pain patients. It resembles running and jogging, but the foot does not hit the ground, and it provides a low level of stress on the spine and joints.

All these exercises can be performed at home to relieve stress and pain; however, it is usually recommended to run them by your doctor in case of extreme pain. He may refer you to a physical therapist that customizes stretches and exercises plans for your SI joint pains.

Final Words

That is all about the article. I hope that it proves fruitful for you and has provided you with the idea of how you can manage your SI joint pain apart from your medication. Now you are fully aware of the exercise options and can decide which exercise to perform depending upon your condition.

A little heads up before deciding on adopting any option, make sure to consult a professional.

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