5 Unique Return Gifts for Kids That You Must Buy for little one

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By Rakib Sarwar

Birthday parties are special occasions that are looked forward to by kids and parents alike. Efforts such as planning, scheduling, and handling go into organizing even a small-scale birthday bash for your child. Along with venue, theme, food, etc., one important aspect of a kid’s birthday party is arranging return gifts. And why not? When children visit your place to make your child’s birthday a special occasion, it makes sense to give something special back to them and have them leave with a smile on their faces.

Thanks to the growing exposure that kids are receiving, their choices have evolved. Hence, cliché return gifts such as a box of chocolates or regular tiffin boxes might not appeal to little visitors. Further, return gifts for kids should be decided to keep in mind the utility and their age. So, if you are looking for some ideas about return gifts for children to read further and make an informed and well-planned choice.

Unique Return Gifts for Kids 

    1. Kids Aprons

Aprons are quite useful customized gifts as these may be worn by children in art and craft classes in schools. As a protective piece of clothing, aprons help keep school uniforms clean while the little ones let their creative juices flow. You may get customized aprons made by having names of kids embroidered or printed on the apron. This also helps make an apron easy to search for in case a child misplaces it in school.

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    2. Kids Pencil Cases

Stylish and easy to open pencil cases are worth considering as a return gift for children. This is an evergreen option given its utility in the lives of schoolchildren. But! It may also look too commonplace if you buy those regular plasticized pencil cases as return gifts. A much better option is to gift customized pencil cases as these look more thoughtful and carry a personal touch. There are options galore for customization—from the child’s name to a popular cartoon character, or a motivational quote, or just a thank-you message, you may choose anything that you find appealing to children.

    3. Kids Umbrellas

Gone are the days when umbrellas were just articles to be used during the rainy season. With summers getting harsher, umbrellas can very well be used in summers too. It is now a well-known fact that children’s skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays whenever they’re outdoors. This is why it makes sense to consider umbrellas as return gifts for kids. Keep in mind the age group of the children when ordering or buying umbrellas in bulk. Remember that these should not be too heavy to carry and have good finish so as to avoid chances of pricks and cuts while being opened and closed.

    4. Piggy Bank

What’s better than gifting something which carries learning of a lifetime! Piggy banks are effective tools for teaching the value of money and saving to children. It works better when they start to learn about financial intelligence when they are young. Further, verbal lessons do not always work for convincing children that managing money is rewarding at the end of the day. So, a piggy bank is a good start to make them try and show this practically. You may choose to get these piggy banks customized with names, or photos, or a mix of two.

    5. Kids Mouse Pads

This is one return gift option that suits children of all ages. So, if your guest list includes children from different age groups, this is what you should be chosen without a second thought. These may be used with computers, laptops, play stations, etc. Add a twist of color and customization rather than gifting standard black rubberized mouse pads. Though names and photos are commonly used to customize mouse pads for children, an even better idea is to get a health note printed on it. It could be great to remind the kids about taking breaks, eye care, right posture, etc while using a computer or a laptop.

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Whichever option you choose from the list discussed above, ensure that only quality products are chosen as return gifts. Do not compromise on cost just because you are supposed to buy too many. Instead, choose a reliable company that provides high-quality customized gifts for kids at reasonable prices.



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