What Do Side Leg Lifts Do?

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By Sophia Anthony

Side leg lifts are a type of exercise that help to improve the strength and flexibility of the hip muscles.The primary muscle group involved in this exercise is the gluteus maximus, which is located in the buttocks. This muscle helps to support and stabilize your hips while walking, running, or performing any other type of physical activity. Side leg lifts also work on strengthening your quadriceps which run along the front sides of your thighs as well as your hamstrings which run along the back side of your legs.

The movement for this exercise involves slowly lifting one leg out to each side while keeping both legs straight and parallel with each other; you should be able to feel a stretch throughout both sides of your hips when performing this move correctly. Side leg lifts can increase range of motion within these muscles making them more agile during activities such as jumping, squatting or lunging–all important skills needed for everyday life!

Side leg lifts are a great way to strengthen and tone the muscles in your hips, thighs and glutes. These exercises help improve balance, stability and coordination by targeting specific muscles in the lower body. In addition to toning up these areas of the body, side leg lifts also work on improving overall flexibility and range of motion.

With regular practice, you can see an increase in strength as well as improved posture over time!

Side Lying Straight Leg Raise – Glute Medius Strengthening Exercise

Do Side Leg Lifts Make Your Thighs Bigger?

No, side leg lifts will not make your thighs bigger. However, they can help you tone and shape your legs by strengthening the muscles in your hips and outer thighs to give them more definition. Side leg lifts also increase flexibility in your hips and glutes as well as improve balance and stability.

You can do side leg lifts with or without weights depending on the level of difficulty you are looking for, but either way they are a great exercise to incorporate into any fitness routine.

Do Side Leg Lifts Tone Thighs?

Yes, side leg lifts can tone the thighs. This exercise works your outer thigh muscles, or abductors, which are responsible for moving your legs away from each other. To perform a side leg lift, you should stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and place one hand on a wall or chair for stability.

Then slowly raise your left leg out to the side while keeping it straight and in line with the hips until it is at least parallel to the floor. Hold this position briefly before lowering back down to starting position and repeating with right leg. Doing 3 sets of 15-20 reps will help tone those thighs!

What are the Benefits of Leg Lifts?

Leg lifts are a great way to tone and strengthen your lower body, particularly your hamstrings and glutes. Regularly performing leg lifts can help improve overall balance and stability, which can make everyday activities like walking or running easier. Leg lifts also work the core muscles, helping you build strength there as well.

Furthermore, leg lifts can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment that makes them convenient for on-the-go fitness routines. Lastly, regularly performing leg lifts can help reduce risk of injury by building muscle that supports joints and helps maintain proper posture throughout the day.

Do Leg Lifts Flatten Your Stomach?

Leg lifts can be a great way to help strengthen and tone the muscles in your lower abdomen, making them more visible and helping to create a flatter stomach. However, it is important to remember that leg lifts alone will not give you a flat stomach; you also need to focus on reducing body fat through proper nutrition and cardio exercise. Additionally, for maximum benefit from leg lifts, they should be done as part of an overall abdominal workout routine that includes exercises targeting all areas of the core muscles.

What Do Side Leg Lifts Do

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Do Side Leg Lifts Make Your Hips Bigger?

Doing side leg lifts can help strengthen the muscles around your hips, but it won’t necessarily make them bigger. Instead, you’ll likely see improved definition and tone in that area. This exercise is great for targeting your glutes and obliques, helping to give you a more sculpted look overall.

Side Leg Lifts Muscles Worked

Side leg lifts are a great way to strengthen the muscles in your hips and legs. This exercise targets the glutes, abductors, adductors, hamstrings, quads and core muscles. Doing side leg lifts regularly can help improve balance and stability while toning the body.

It is important to keep proper form when performing this exercise so that you maximize its benefits without putting unnecessary strain on your body or risking injury.

100 Side Leg Lifts a Day

Doing 100 side leg lifts a day is an efficient way to tone and strengthen your legs. This exercise works the abductor muscles, which are responsible for stabilizing the hips, as well as the glutes. Side leg lifts also activate core muscles that help keep you upright while performing other exercises.

Doing this exercise daily can help build endurance in both lower body and core muscles, leading to improved balance, coordination and overall physical fitness.


Overall, side leg lifts are a great exercise to add to your fitness routine. They can help strengthen and tone the muscles in your legs and glutes while also targeting your core. Not only that, but they’re easy to do at home or at the gym with minimal equipment required.

With regular practice of side leg lifts, you’ll be able to see noticeable results in no time!

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