What Sweets Can You Eat on Keto?

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By Rakib Sarwar

What is the keto diet? Let’s begin by answering this question before proceeding any further. The keto diet is a dish with high fat and protein but low carb content. When you’re on the keto diet but have a raging sweet tooth, you could still eat some sweet foods.

You still have a few options: keto ice creams, brownies with high fat but low car contents, and cookie dough bars, just to mention a few options. In this post, we’re going to dive into some sweet stuff that you could eat while on the keto diet. Read on for more information!

What sweet food options do you have while on the keto diet?


When on the keto diet, your primary goal could be to lose weight. And avoiding any food with high carbohydrate content is necessary. So, should you eat pancakes while on the keto diet? Yes, you could eat this delicious meal but only if you prepare it right.

When making keto-friendly pancakes, avoid mixing the traditional flour, eggs, and milk to make a batter. But rather, mix protein powder, almond milk, egg whites, and a small amount of baking powder to make your batter.

You can then add fruits with low carb content, peanut butter, and chopped nuts to the batter. You can as well use frosting from cream cheese with more protein powder. With these recipes, your pancake will not only satisfy your craving for sweets but will also be keto-friendly.

Fudgy keto brownies

The inner layers of these brownies are moist, chewy and fudgy. But the outer layer is a crisp crinkle, making them delicious and ready to satisfy your chocolate cravings. The moment you put these brownies in your mouth, the crispy outer layer melts away giving you sweet tooth satisfaction.

And they’re keto-friendly since they’re gluten-free and have only 1 carb per serving! Preparing them is very simple and you don’t need many ingredients. Simply follow the recipe below to prepare your fudgy keto brownies:

  1. The chocolate – You need good chocolates for making these brownies. For this part, you should use both cocoa powder and chocolate chunks for that fudgy texture. Use 85-99% dark chocolate powder with Lily’s sugar-free chocolate chunks.
  2. The flour – You will need two kinds of flours here: Almond flour and coconut flour. Substitute ¼ of Almond flour with coconut flour. For this recipe, add 2 tablespoons of coconut flour to Almond flour and mix them.

The sweeteners

Finding an ideal sweetener might be tricky. But for this recipe, you should use Powdered Erythritol Sweetener. First, it’s a low-calorie sweetener. And it has no carb content. It melts well into the batter and adds moisture and the right amount of sweetness to the brownies.

Vegan Keto no-bake Cookie bars

These are quick keto snacks that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. And since it’s a no-bake keto snack, you don’t require any baking skills. Instead, you only need to incorporate 5 ingredients when preparing this keto snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The ingredients include:

  1. Almond meal – You can use a blanched almond meal for a lighter color and unblanched almond meal for extra fiber in your keto snack. Both almond meals work great.
  2. Coconut flour – This ingredient adds that crumbly texture to your keto dessert. However, you only need about 2 tablespoons of this ingredient.
  • Sugar-free liquid sweetener – Maple-flavored sugar-free syrup is a great choice in this case, but you can use other sugar-free liquid sweeteners as well. It has no carb, sugar, and calories, making it keto-friendly.
  1. Peanut butter – You want to make sure you are using fresh peanut butter. If you use hard or dry peanut butter, your dough will also be hard and won’t come together!
  2. Sugar-free dark chocolate chips – 3 oz. of this ingredient is sufficient. For that tastiness and sweetness, you should use zero-sugar chocolate chips sweetened using stevia.

No-bake cheesecake

You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with no-bake keto cheesecake. A nice keto-friendly yet sweet cheesecake is one topped with smooth, melted chocolate and heavy cream blend.  you can always prepare your no-bake keto-friendly cheesecake.

And you only need six ingredients for this course: cream cheese, coconut milk yogurt, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and maple syrup, and almond flour. If you prepare this food the right way, it will leave your taste buds yearning for more! It is a low carb sweet foodstuff that you can eat while on the keto diet.

Birthday cake shake

Birthday cake shakes are great for people on the keto diet. First, it is sweet and will satisfy your cravings for sweet foodstuffs. And it will remain keto-friendly since it has a low carb content. Besides, not everybody likes cakes in their solid form. Some people, however, prefer cool and creamy birthday cake shakes.

Some people also prefer warm and spongy birthday cake shakes. What’s more, you don’t have to wait for your birthday to have some of this food to satisfy your sweet tooth! The ingredients for preparing this food are few and easy to source.

This puts you in a position to always make your birthday cake shake whenever you need it. The ingredients include vanilla ice cream, yellow or white cake mix, milk, vanilla extract, whipped cream, and funfetti sprinkles.

Keto Candies

You also have yet another option for your sweet tooth when you’re on the keto diet— store-bought keto candies. Some of these keto candies include:

  1. Kiss My Keto bars

These candies have low carb content, but have plenty of healthy fats and proteins, making it a sweet, keto-friendly candy. It contains only 3g of carb per serving. Anyone on a low-carb diet will find this food not only sweet but compatible with their lifestyle as well.

  1. Atkins Endulge Treat 

This foodstuff only has 2g of carb per serving, making it keto-friendly. It’s chocolate that is rich in milk and creamy peanut butter. This makes it able to satisfy your cravings for sweet foodstuffs. It has no sugar and diabetics can also find it sweet and safe for consumption.

When on the keto diet, your food supplements or snacks should contain very low carb. If you thought you couldn’t eat some sweets while on the keto diet, now you know you have a few options.

The foodstuffs listed above contain sufficient sweeteners with low carb content, making them your go-to sweets if you’re on the keto diet. Being on this diet doesn’t have to mean you can’t satisfy your craving for some sweets!

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