8 Best Cars For Teenagers in 2022

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By Rakib Sarwar

Cars for Teenagers

This post will help to choose your car from our list of the best cars for teenagers. Everyone remember buying their first car. That sense of freedom will never be rivaled, but what if you had to buy the first car now in 2020. What would you pick? 

You’d want something fast, right, you’d like something loud, something your friends will think is really cool or just something reliable to get you back and forth to school? This article will tell you our picks for the best first cars and the best cars for teenagers to buy.

Best Cars For Teenagers in 2020

1. 4th Gen Mustang-Our Pick for The Best Cars for Teenagers

4th Gen Mustang

The 4th Gen or SN95 Mustang is kind of like the unloved middle child. It’s not a classic; it’s not that modern. And honestly, probably it’s the worse of all the Mustangs.

I think SN95s are still really cool, though. They are relatively robust, and they have a lot of potentials, but best of all, they’re cheap.

Now the V6 model makes about 190 HRSPRS, and the V8 isn’t that much better, it only makes 220, but there is a ton of stuff to make your Stang more vascular. The 4th Gen Mustang is one of the best first cars.

2. Volvo 240- Best Cheap Car for Teenagers

When I was a kid back in the olden days, old Volvos were the go-to option for cheap, reliable, and pretty cool first cars. 240s make great first cars; they have a reputation for being tanks because they’re.

We think they are classified as a tank. And some of them even came with turbos; if you’re lucky enough to find one, you can get an excellent Volvo 240 in good shape for 105 grands still because it has stuck so close to its initial boxy designs.

Even with their modern cars, they’re never going to all of a sudden become uncool. There is a ton of really cool Volvos like the V70R or the 850 T5R, but Volvo 240 is just the Volvo.

It’s rear-wheel drive, it’s super simple, and the engine base is enormous. Plus, they’re super-practical so that you can fit all of your extracurricular activities equipment in there.

Most Selling Car Accessories for Teens

3. Ford Ranger- One of The Best Car for Teen 

Ford Ranger

Let’s talk about one of the best little trucks ever, the legendary Ford Ranger. Now they’d made a bunch of different types of Rangers, but we talk about cheap trucks.

We had to bring this truck back because it is such an excellent choice for a first car. You can pick these up for a couple of grand in good used condition; they’re easy to work on—tons of room in the engine bay for you to get in and mess around with.

Ford Ranger is one of the best cars for teenagers.

4. C4 Corvette-One of The Best Economic Car for Teenagers

This is one of the crazier first cars on this list. It’s not going to make your mom happy, but hear me out, you can buy one of these for 3500-ish dollars, but be aware you might have to get your knuckles a little greasy on this car.

Chevy made the C4 Corvette from 1983 through 1996. So there are a ton of them out there and guys. And this car has the sickest feature available anywhere in any vehicle?

If you want to buy a clean title car, do your research about these cars before buying them. 

5. Miata-Best Car for Beginners


There’s no denying that the Miata is a fantastic little car and one of the best first cars for someone who wants to develop their skills as drivers.

They are rear-wheel drive, they’re well-balanced, parts are cheap, and you can almost definitely afford one of these things. They are pretty cool.

6. Lincoln LS- Best Big Car for Teenagers

Lincoln LS

This might not be the most romantic car on this list; it’s not a C4 Corvette, but if you’re looking for something big, luxurious, reliable, safe with a V8 that costs less than four grand, consider one of these.

This car was made between 99 and 2006, and it was America’s answer to the comfy European cars, like the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. The LS is full of fancy stuff like technology, and it even had an independent double-wishbone suspension. It’s sensible; it’s responsible, it’s something that your parents can trust.

Behind its understated exterior lives a ravenous secret of 3.9 liter V8 that pumps out about 300 HRSPRS. If you want a manual, you can get one, but only with the 240 horsepower V6, but that is a decent amount of power.

Let’s take your time; we just got our driver’s licenses; Lincoln LS is one of the best first cars.

7. BMW E46 330i- Expensive Car for Teenagers

BMW E46 330i

The E46 M3 is a great freaking car, but it is an expensive car too. But there’s good news because you can have it slightly less muscular brother, the 330Ci, for about a quarter of the price.

The 330Ci had the M54 inline-6, which was the last perfect reliable engine that BMW ever made, and it made 235 horsepower.

You know how E30s were cheap for a while, and then they got expensive, then E36 is cheap, now they’re getting expensive too. E46s are cheap right now.

They’re entertaining to drive every day, they’re fun to take to the track, and you can even make them into drift cars with only adding like a couple of things.

8. Nissan 350Z- Best Fast and the First Car for Teenagers

Nissan 350Z

Nissan is our special pick for the best cars for teenagers. Nissan 350 is a modern-day equivalent to the 240, except it is way faster and one of the best first cars.

There are a couple of versions of the 3.5 liter V6 that came in this car, and if you get one made in 2006 or newer, you’ll be suitable for a very reliable 300 HRSPRS, which is plenty.

The 330Ci and the 350Z are the best value you can get in a sports car right now, and they’re relatively interchangeable.

In the conclusion of Best Cars for Teenagers

The models we discussed are the best cars for teenagers. Although parents usually won’t buy a fancy car, they always want the car to be safe and sound. That’s why if you are willing to buy a used car from the US, make sure you will check the car’s safety and conditions. 

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