Acronis Cyber Protect – AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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By Rakib Sarwar

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect 15, a part of the effective Acronis Cyber Cloud platform is the globe’s first comprehensive cyber protection solution.

Acronis is the topmost player in the field of cyber protection tools.

Its new product–Acronis Cyber Protect 15–is a unique integration of backup with next-generation anti-malware protection, disaster recovery, URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, videoconference protection, automated patch management, and all-inclusive endpoint management tools–all rolled into a single solution.

This unique integration removes the complexity of guaranteeing a firm’s cybersecurity. It also makes the everyday IT operations, endpoint deployments and management, and reporting simpler, and data recovery position better, in the process, facilitating higher output.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is all-inclusive yet straightforward, even as it totally changes the rule of the conventional backup and Disaster recovery, via merging data protection with cybersecurity.

As mentioned earlier, this synergy does away with the complexity. And, it makes security a center point of your solutions–in the process–keeping your clients both secure and well protected from all kinds of modern cyber threats with existing personnel, all the while keeping your expenses within control.

Acronis Cyber Protect Helps With  

  • Constant solution: Dramatically improves the level of your protection with an all-inclusive & well-organized solution that gives your 360-degree protection.
  • Backup & Recovery: Swift and trustworthy recovery of your applications, systems, and statistics, on any gadget and from any untoward happening.
  • Anti-Malware Tools: Keeps your valuable data 100% safe with next-generation AI-based anti-ransomware and anti-malware protection, consisting of the dangerous ransomware and crypto miners.
  • Security and Management: Wide-ranging yet simple endpoint management toolkit that saves your priceless IT resources. Security controls with an all-inclusive endpoint management toolkit, save your precious IT resources.

Acronis Cyber Protect 15: The Timing is Right

Acronis Cyber Protect 15 arrives when businesses, throughout the globe, are finding it a lot difficult to protect their priceless data and infrastructure against the different kinds of emerging risks of the new remote and Work from Home (WFH) work culture.

As per a report involving 3,400 global firms and remote workers, in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as high as 92% of the companies have adopted the latest technologies, to facilitate WFH culture, covering place-of-work collaboration tools, privacy solutions, and endpoint cybersecurity.

Perhaps, the most serious difficulty for organizations today is guaranteeing the protection of data across the company network, given the fact that all new devices are using different solutions that are not only expensive, but protracted, and complex as well.

The lack of integration also often leads to big gaps in the organization’s defenses that cybercriminals are taking advantage of now.

As per a report from Acronis, as hackers target remote employees, phishing, videoconferencing attacks, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) are the most frequent plans being employed on a large scale.

Current Cyber Setting Requires Latest Protection

With Acronis Cyber Protect 15’s only-one-of-its-kind integration of data protection and next-generation cybersecurity capabilities, now organizations can protect against all kinds of the newest cyber threats while making certain that they can recover their data and systems more quickly, vis-à-vis any other solutions available in the market today.

Protection: What the Future Has in Its Womb?

The all-inclusive cyber protection, provided by Acronis Cyber Protect, will keep on being very important in the post-pandemic setting.

With as high as 88% of the remote manpower studied by Acronis looking forward to work from home to a certain degree, even post the epidemic comes to an end, guaranteeing their protection. Cybersecurity will necessitate the kind of integration and automation that only Acronis Cyber Protect 15 can give.

Significantly, the amazing benefits to businesses are already being praised by those firms that have benefited from this great product.

As per one such organization, the ability to bring together backup and restore, with remote desktop, patch management, and antimalware into a single tool is something that deserves high praise even as it offers a great deal of value.

Besides, in place of making use of two or three tools, having a single tool with a single console is the right way to deal with the different new and emerging security threats.

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What Makes Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud the Best: Top 10 Reasons

1. Easy onboarding

You can locate every gadget that requires protection and remotely install just one single agent (in place of several) for anti-malware, backup, remote desktop, videoconference protection, and automated patch management.

2. Zero-day malware and ransomware protection

The product gives you industry-leading, AI-based Acronis Active Protection that’s now been extended with a static analyzer, in addition to behavioral analysis.

3. Compliance and forensic investigations

Now you can offer services to businesses with high compliance requirements. Acronis offers image-based backups and forensic data, such as memory dump and free space.

4. Better SLAs

You can keep and make the availability KPIs for your clients better with proactive, active, and reactive cyber protection in place.

5. Post-malware-attack recovery

Now you can cut down the dangers of re-infection and reduce recovery operations with anti-malware scans of backups in centralized locations and with the capacity to install the latest patches and malware definitions through recovery.

6. Protection for every important file

You can figure out find out what statistics are covered. With Acronis’ all-inclusive Data Protection Map, you can see it easily.

7. Centralized patching

You can protect all client software (and not only Microsoft) and cover all clients making use of just one single multi-tenant tool.

8. Show your importance to your clients

You can make use of flexible, thorough reporting to make contract renewals a lot simpler, and also facilitate easier sales, via incorporating vulnerability appraisals in your backup services.

9. Auto-response to new, rising threats

You have the option to regulate the scope and the timetable of the backups or anti-malware scans, on the basis of real-time alerts from Acronis.

10. Real-time protection of critical Papers

Now you can benefit from nonstop data protection to save every change made to your vital files straight away, even between your backups.

Why get Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud support?


You will not get a better solution to your cyber threat and antimalware problems.

With this one single but powerful tool, you can provide backup, disaster recovery, secure cloud storage, and file sync and share, notarization, and e-signature services to clients.

Get Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution to:

  1. Boost ARPUs: Sell more cyber protection services, multiply profits, make your attach rates and ARPUs better, and gain the tools to deliver proactive assessments of client situations.
  2. Make SLAs Better: Gain faith and attract new client referrals via stopping organization downtime and guaranteeing speedier remediation – better endpoint and data protection tools make it easy.
  3. Keep Expenses Under Control: Make efficiency better by using one tool for deployments, supervising, management, assistance, backup, recovery, and reporting. You will not require any new hardware, manpower, or any kind of training.
  4. Provide Managed Security: Boost your clients’ protection and access other services revenue, minus capital investments, extra overhead, or the requirement to draft pricey security experts.
  5. Cut Churn Down: Show value to improve customer happiness and make client renewals simpler. Via offering additional, stickier services, you will not have to lose your sleep over keeping hold of your customers.

Get Acronis Cyber Protect Solution for unmatched AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection and Cybersecurity. This powerful security tool will keep your clients well protected and happy at a time when new cyber threats are coming to light every day.

Give the Cyber Protect umbrella in a simple and hassle-free way. Now you don’t have to protect your client’s data and ensure safety using different security solutions. One single Acronis Cyber Protect solution will be enough for all data security and backup purposes.

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