5 Key Benefits of Credit Cards Internationally

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By Rakib Sarwar

This post intends to identify the key benefits of Credit Cards internationally. Credit cards are one of the most sought after payment methods available for travellers, especially if they are travelling abroad.

Carrying cash may not be a terrible option, but the risks and difficulties associated with it can outweigh its convenience.

International credit cards can free individuals from such problems, and offer a hassle-free way of travelling. When travelling, if you are looking to avoid the obstacles of carrying traveller’s checks and cash, you must have an international credit card.

It will shave you everywhere in that case as well where you get stuck to finish a transaction or you may need to pay foreign transaction fees when any purchase.

Why is Cash Not A Good Option While Travelling?

The most straightforward answer to this question is its susceptibility to theft. Cash can be stolen, or lost easily and cannot be retrieved. Additionally, carrying a large amount of cash is not a good idea, and it is a difficult task.

As all of you know, travelling abroad means a lot of money is going to be spent. Carrying cash, would not be sufficient at all. So as much as possible you may still carry a general amount of cash with you which would be enough to stay and return to your country.

Along with that, converting currency, or using ATMs abroad will include following the exchange rates, which will reduce the total value of the cash. In any country of the world, you can’t go and have shopping in the market in your own currency. It will be needed to exchange currency first to stay over there for the number of days you have gone.

Owing to such reasons, experienced travellers prefer international credit cards whenever they plan a trip outside the bounds of their country.

5 Benefits of Credit Cards internationally

Here are the top five benefits of using credit cards internationally, making them a default choice for every traveller –

1. Travel insurance is handy

Insurance means benefits as everyone knows and these days almost everything even you may have insurance for your pocket wallet. Insurance on anything assures a financial benefit in case any damage to your or for things you have taken it for.

One of the notable credit card features is that it often includes travel insurance. The inclusion of this policy helps cardholders to deal with any medical issues, loss of luggage, flight cancellation, etc. without any worry.

Individuals can check the product details to see if their card includes this benefit or not. It will help individuals to choose the right credit card for themselves.

2. Offers better security

Credit cards provide a safe and secure mode payment. These cards include the best security features and get updated as per the rules and regulations. Moreover, in case a person loses his/her card while travelling, they can easily block it and get it replaced without much hassle.

Your cash and other precious things can be looted or lost. For security reasons, you may always be worried about the money you have with you. But with a credit card, everything like these worries can go smooth.

3. Exchange rates are not a worry

Credit card companies often do not charge any additional amount for foreign currency conversion. However, individuals must go through the terms and conditions of their credit card issuers to check if they offer this facility or not.

As discussed above when you go from a country or another, shopping and purchase are never in the same currency. You will first need to go for currency exchange.

And every time and anywhere, it is really a difficult task to search for such a station where you may have an exchange for your own country currency. So, in this way, international credit cards help to a great extent without charging any currency conversion amount.

4. Rewards are lucrative

Credit cards are famous for their lucrative rewards and benefits. Cardholders receive points and other benefits with every transaction, which they can later redeem to earn discounts and cashback.

The rewards and offers always depend on how you are using your credit card. If you use your credit card for every shopping, paying bills and other transactions, definitely your rewards and benefits will be higher. International credit cards are no different in terms of such offerings.

Additionally, credit card companies often have affiliation with major corporations, which help travellers to avail further benefits. For instance, an individual purchases a pair of sunglasses from a partner organisation of the credit card issuer.

They may receive additional benefits like extended warranty, and cashback from that purchase.

Along with that, frequent travellers can avail discounts on their flight tickets, hotel and car booking, etc. by using such payment cards.

5. Offers more flexibility

Since travel bookings are now primarily performed online, it is better to use a credit card for such purposes. Individuals can now easily make their reservations months prior to their arrival, which offers the necessary peace of mind.

Furthermore, with its high credit limit, these payment cards offer greater freedom in terms of spending; thus, individuals can stop worrying about the funds in hand.

One such feature-loaded credit card is RBL Bank SuperCard. This card offers a host of benefits like 50 days interest-free ATM cash withdrawal, loan against available credit limit, attractive interest rates, etc.

Moreover, the company also provides pre-approved offers for its existing customers. This offer is applicable to financial products like credit cards, personal loans, business loans, etc.

The primary aim of this offer is to accelerate the application process and save time. Individuals can check their pre-approved offers by submitting their essential contact details.

An international credit card helps individuals to meet any unprecedented financial requirements without any hassle while travelling abroad. However, it is advisable that they must read the associated terms and conditions before applying for a credit card.

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