5 Best Designer Glasses That Don’t Break Your Bank

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By Rakib Sarwar

Buying designer glasses or prescription glasses of premium quality at a reasonable price is quite a challenge. Why so, you ask. Although 75% of UK adults have some sort of vision correction, with 65% of people wearing glasses, the cost of prescription glasses is nowhere near to afford.

As the Italian conglomerate, Luxxotica controls the production of all eyewear brands, from local to high-end. It charges high prices to almost all eyewear brands, thus, almost all brands sell glasses at such a high cost. Due to its monopolistic behavior, it has become extremely difficult for independent eyewear brands to survive and offer customers decent pricing.

Fortunately, in the recent year, many eyewear brands are coming forward to dissolve the domination of Luxottica and offer customers – quality and affordability. One such is Manchester-based startup, Specscart. It’s an independent startup that’s on the mission to change the eyewear industry by making it more customer-centric.

Its motto is to make quality & affordable glasses, so much so that we really start to enjoy buying and wearing them. We must change them with every outfit, occasion, and mood. You must have “A-Frame For Every Game”.


Don’t Be on A Budget Anymore

As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” is certainly not true when it comes to glasses. You don’t have to pay a lot, to get the most decent and ordinary frame, just cause it promises quality. And you don’t even have to pay less for settling with a cheaper frame.

Cheap glasses are initially very affordable, but with months of use, they start to fade and break. Part of the reason being, the cost cut down results in the use of cheaper material, thus a less durable frame.

It increases the chances of your reading glasses online or other prescription lenses getting scratched or damaged easily. With cheap glasses, you’ll need regular maintenance and replacement quite frequently.

While designer glasses from high-end brands require enormous investment upfront, from the lens type to the coating and frames design, making them impossible to afford often.


Why Designer Glasses Don’t Have to Be Expensive?


Even if you are buying designer blue light glasses in a premium design and quality, don’t be accustomed to pay a hefty amount. It’s wrong to automatically assume that designer eyewear must cost you beyond your budget, cause it’s not true. If you pay a hefty amount for a so-called “designer brand”, you are getting ripped off.

Startups like Specscart offer designer eyeglasses without compromising on the cost. You’ll be surprised to know how much these frames cost.

At Specscart, all prescription glasses and non-prescription start at only £29. Plus, all of Specscart lenses come fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-UV coating for FREE. You can browse over 1000+ designer frames made out of premium acetate, titanium, stainless steel, wood, and more.


Best Designer Glasses


5 Best Designer Glasses to Get from Specscart

  1. Astle – For the hipster Potterheads

astle designer glasses

A tortoiseshell spin of your Harry Potter glasses! It’s funky, versatile and a whole lot attractive. It’s the best frame for when you want to throw away your basic solid frames, and switch to something more colorful. These Astle frames are perfect for a casual outfit, or for a formal one. The hipster in you would be extremely thrilled to have these vintage-inspired glasses. At only £39.99, Astle is a fine choice.



  1. Weston – When one color is not enough

weston designer glasses

Coming in beautiful mocha brown and crystal beige, Weston will turn heads where it goes. Why go for a single color, when these dual toned beauties are right here. You’ve got to make your glasses more interesting, and the best way is to upgrade the colors you choose. Weston is an all-rounder, with a detailed rivet, classic round shape, and a key-hole bridge.



  1. Bolton – For Your Brows

bolton designer glasses

For some serious brow action, Bolton is an excellent style. This metal frame comes in black and silver shade, making them more distinctive and unique. The black upper rim gives your face a boost. Pairing them on any of your outfit choices adds an intellectual layer to it. Coming at £39.99, Bolton is a charmer in its smooth and polished design.




  1. Radcliffe – Striped Frames Speak Volume

radcliffe designer glasses

Cut through the monochromatic colors, and explore new and gorgeous striped frames. Featuring multiple colors, yet not being too bold, Radcliffe is pure perfection. Plus, the stripe design being a timeless pattern, these frames bring a bold and daring tone to your style.





  1. Prescot – Transparency is The Key

prescot designer glasses

With Prescot, two of the best aspects of design come together – transparent & geometric shape. This stunning design cherishes a minimal yet notable look. Transparent frames and geometrical shapes are the hot new trend circling around, so Prescot bought them together in the most unique frame.


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