Bosidin Hair Removal Device Reviews (Painless, Permanent)

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If you are confused before purchasing and want an honest Bosidin Hair Removal Device Reviews, then this post may help you. Bosidin is one of the most trusted dealers in the beauty industry. So, how do you decide if this device is worth buying?

With  Bosidin Painless, Permanent Hair Removal Device device, you can efficiently deal with hair and skin issues. Bosidin uses light to remove unwanted hair and improve skin looks. Luckily, it’s 100% painless. More so, it helps people build their home-salon without breaking the bank.

Want to get serious with your skincare routine? Make sure to check our Bosidin permanent hair removal device reviews.

What is Bosidin Painless, Permanent Hair Removal Device?

Bosidin is the first company to customize hair removal medical-grade devices for home-use. It applies pulse heat technology on specific areas of the skin to suppress hair regrowth. Once it’s on, the device emits and direct light pulses on the hair-base, removing them.

Why is it painless? That’s because the air from the device cools the skin before applying the light. With that, the Bosidin model is safe for use even on the most sensitive areas of your skin.

Bosidin offers extra comfort and convenience. For instance, users can turn the head up to 180-degrees to reach the most challenging body areas.

In comparison with other laser devices and technology used, Bosidin always leads. For example, the device has a continuous pulse mode that slides gently through the skin, removing hair. With that, you don’t need to stress your fingers to hold down the power button to make it work.

What’s more, Bosidin works pretty fast. You can cover your entire body in about 15 minutes. Unlike other models, the Bosidin tool comes with an extra head attachment. So, you don’t need to order one separately. Because of its smaller size, this detachable head is suitable for narrow hairy parts like fingers. Luckily, this head is attached magnetically, making its switching easier.

Most Popular Permanent Hair Removal Devices

Bosidin Hair Removal Device Reviews

Bosidin is designed by qualified and experienced experts committed to creating the best products for your skin. Again, the combination of OPT and red light rejuvenation separates this model from other versions on the market.

Overall, Bosidin provides a zero-pain way to maintain smooth and healthy skin from the comforts of your home.


  • Up to 500,000 flashes
  • It lasts 10 – 20 years if used correctly
  • Uses continuous pulse technology and medical-grade pulse process
  • Complete reduction in hair growth after three weeks of use
  • Improves skin tone after eight weeks of use
  • Head rotates 180-degrees for easy access to hard to reach areas
  • Cooling system
  • Six intelligent modes for each body part
  • 500,000 flashes
  • 180-degree rotation
  • 96% effective after three sessions
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Not suitable for black skin


How Bosidin Painless, Permanent Hair Removal Device Works?

Bosidin Painless, Permanent Hair Removal Device uses an improved version of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system called Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT). Of course, this OPT filters 99% of the emitted light, heats hair follicles, leaving out your skin surface. But IPL doesn’t have this filtering feature; hence, it causes itching during hair removal. With this filter, Bosidin eradicates hair with zero pain.

What’s more, Bosidin uses Continuous Pulse Technology (CPT) to create shorter wavelengths, reducing pulse intensities. That makes the device gentler on the skin for a more effective session.

Bosidin enhances your facial appearances without the need to visit a salon. With its unique light rejuvenation technology, this skincare product increases collagen production. In turn, it protects existing collagen, also prevents fast-aging and wrinkles.

With a press, Bosidin emits light pulses, which builds up heat that retards hair follicle growth. It prevents hair regrowth, eradicates hair, resulting in beautiful and glowing skin.

Bosidin comes equipped with different modes for specific regions of the body. You can toggle the switch to generate the right amount of heat for the particular body area. Unlike traditional hair removal tools, Bosidin integrates a dynamic cooling device (DCD). As expected, DCD cools the skin area as the light pulse penetrates, making the hair removal process safe and painless.

Worth mentioning Bosidin features pure red light, which only produces a trace of heat that wouldn’t damage the skin.

Is Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Safe?

Following years of intensive research, Bosidin received the full backing of the FDA. Before this, many clinical studies suggested that Bosidin is safe, effective, and reliable. Since its FDA approval, Bosidin is now one of the most widely used hairs removal devices in homes and salons.

As earlier said, Bosidin incorporates the iconic Dynamic Cooling Devices (DCD), which soothes the skin as light torches the hair. More so, the DCD forms a protective covering to maintain the skin temperature at 5-degrees Celsius. This technology makes the whole hair regrowth suppression process straightforward and pain-free.

Bosidin hair removal products work effectively on several hair colors and skin types. Besides white to dark brown skins, people with black, dark blonde, and brown hair can use them. Intense Pulse Light Technology works better where there’s more contrast between skin tone and hair color.

However, melanin concentrations affect how the device works on your skin. For example, you cannot use the device on people with light blonde, red, or white/grey hair. Again, people with a highly dark complexion with higher melanin concentration cannot use it.

How Often Should I Use Bosidin Hair Removal Device?

How often to use a Bosidin permanent hair removal device is dependent on an individual. That means the effect varies among users. Sometimes you should increase the frequency of use to hasten the development. To get started, check our plan of use below.

Table of the number of times to use Bosidin hair removal device


Body Part Frequency of Use
Arms and Thighs Once for 3 – 7 days
Eight weeks
Once for 2 – 4 weeks
Calves Once for 5 – 11 days
Eight weeks
Once for 2 – 4 weeks
Beards Once for 7 – 15 days
Ten weeks
Once for 1 – 3 weeks
Armpit Once for 6 – 13 days
Eight weeks
Once for 4 – 8 weeks
Private parts Once for 6 – 14 days
Eight weeks
Once for 4 – 8 weeks
Upper lip Once for 7 – 15 days
Nine weeks
Once for 2 – 4 weeks
Main body Once for 5 – 9 days
Eight weeks
Once for 3 – 5 weeks


Use this product at least once every week for the initial three months. But the interval between sessions should not exceed three days. After the first eight weeks of treatment, use the device per the chart above to maintain its effect.

Does Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Work?

Bosidin permanent removal device gives you smooth skin in a few steps. It permanently removes about 90% of hair without causing pain. Though the electrolysis method removes 100% of hair permanently, it causes severe pain. Besides, the electrolysis procedure is complex, making people switch to home-laser-based hair removal tools.

That said, Bosidin is easy to use even if you’re new to laser hair removal systems. Bosidin device uses an OTP laser to remove excess hair. It targets the hair follicles, preventing their growth, consequently destroying them over time. But you must use the product for at least eight weeks to notice the results. To use this device correctly, follow these tips.

  • Shave – Like other hair removal devices, shave the specific area first before use. That’s because shaving flattens the hair tips closest to your skin, allowing light waves to reach the hair follicles.
  • Power – Connect your hair removal tool to the mains. Once the green light turns on, then it’s ready for use.
  • Select mode – Bosidin permanent, pain-free hair removal device comes equipped with six modes. Each mode corresponds to the targeted area of the body. Turn the intensity knob. Wear your sunglasses and select the needed mode. Make sure you don’t look at the flashes directly.
  • Turn on the Dynamic Cooling System – If your skin is susceptible to heat or pain, activate the cooling system. Once you press the button, it sends air to cool the body area, reducing your sensitivity to heat.
  • Slide through the skin – With the Continuous Pulse feature, you mustn’t press and hold a button to trigger the flash. Instead, move the device to the skin area, pausing for two seconds to emit the light. You can adjust the head to focus the heat on the targeted skin region.
  • Activate the SR mode – You can only use the SR feature with the small-surface head. To get started, detach the main head. Then fix the smaller type.

Bosidin’s skin rejuvenation technology uses infrared light to heat the skin. When correctly used, the device reduces wrinkles and aging, smoothen the face, treats blemishes, etc.

Final Verdict Regarding Bosidin Hair Removal Device Reviews

When considering the best permanent hair removal device to buy, your skin type, pain tolerance, hair type, and schedule should come to mind. If you want the best-value and cost-effective hair removal tool, Bosidin is excellent.

Currently, Bosidin costs more than other devices on the market, but the value you get is incomparable. It offers comfortable and dependable hair removal technology that is unavailable in other tools.

Bosidin offers the sixth mode for skin rejuvenation, which works best on people with sensitive skin. So, this device provides smoother skin without spending huge bucks on the salon.

Most importantly, many users commented the device was 100% painless and highly dependable. It removed and prevented hair regrowth after the first few weeks of use.

If you want to try the services of hair removal technology devices, Bosidin is the best option.

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