6 Amazing Ways to Decorating Phone Case At Home-DIY Ideas

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Simple yet Amazing Ways to Decorating Phone Case At Home

Some people like you love decorating phone case at home. In this post, we have tried to give you some DIY Phone case decoration ideas. A beautiful cover gives a personal touch to the mobile phone. These covers make the phones livelier.

Popular Decorative Phone Cases

Although a huge variety of them is available on the market, here are some interesting ideas to decorate mobile cover at home if you have time in hand:


1. Spray Painted Decorating Phone Case At Home

This is a stylish way of creating phone case. It can make your phone look beautiful.

Supplies Required

  • An old phone cover
  • Black Paint
  • Golden/Silver paint
  • An old toothbrush
  • Laces of your choice

How to Make Spray Painted Decorating Phone Case?

Step 1: Dip the old toothbrush in black color and spray paint it well.

Step 2: Allow it to dry for an hour.

Step 3: Place a cut piece of lace on the cover.

Step 4: Spray paint the cover with golden or silver paint.

2. Beautiful Starry Decorating Phone Case At Home

Try creating a sparkly sequined phone case and flaunt it at your brunch and kitty parties.

Supplies Required

  • An old plain phone cover
  • Star-shaped sequins (you can use colors of your choice)
  • Clear glue

How to Make Starry Decorating Phone Case?

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of clear glue on the phone cover.

Step 2:Stick on stars on the cover in different directions.

Step 3: Allow the cover to dry for 2 hours.


3. The Glittery Decorating Phone Case At Home

This is one of the easiest and beautiful ways to decorate your phone cover. It looks simple yet classy.

Supplies Required

  • Glue
  • Glitter of different colors of your choice
  • An old phone case

How to Make Glittery Decorating Phone Case?

Step 1: Apply glue all over the case.

Step 2: Roll the cover on glitter (use green, pink, golden, silver, or red). You may even try dual colored cover.

Step 3: Allow the case to dry for 2-3 hours.


4. Perky Pearl Decorating DIY Phone Case At Home

This is a very simple way to create a phone case. It looks very elegant and stylish.

Supplies Required

  • Pearls of different sizes and colors from waste jewelry
  • Stones and stars from waste jewelry (you can also buy these from a nearby stationary or art and craft store)
  • A clear old phone case
  • Clear Adhesive

How to Make?

Step 1: Apply a layer of clear adhesive on the case.

Step 2: Arrange pearls, stars and jewels on the case in an interesting way.

Step 3: Allow it to dry for an hour.

Step 4: Apply a second thin layer of clear adhesive on top of the jewels

Your stunning pearl mobile case is ready!


5. Collage Decorating Phone Case At Home

Customized pictures can make your phone look beautiful and personalized. Pictures can make any phone look attractive and full of life. The best part is that you can create one at home using old photos!

Supplies Required

  • An Old phone case
  • Pictures you love
  • A paintbrush
  • A pair of scissors
  • Clear Adhesive
  • Color paint of your choice

How to Make Collage Decorating Phone Case?

Step 1: Start by painting an old phone case using a brush. This will make it more attractive.

Step 2: Select pictures and adjust them in the way you want on your case. Make sure the pictures aren’t too big in size. You can cut them into fun shapes.

Step 3: Now apply a thin coat of clear adhesive over the pictures. Allow it dry for an hour. Touch carefully and see if the adhesive has dried up.

Step 4: It is now time to apply a second coat of adhesive over the picture. Make sure you apply only a very thin layer of adhesive. Allow the case to dry out properly. It will take around 2-3 hours. You may also add some sparkles and glitter before applying the second layer (optional).

Your personalized photo phone case is ready!


6. Craft your Own Decorating Phone Case At Home

If you love art, it will be easier for you to turn a clear phone case into a masterpiece! are perfect for crafters because they make it simple to change out your case as often as you change your purse. If you’re into scrapbooking, take a look through your paper stash and pick out a few designs you like. If you don’t have a paper stash, you could also repurpose old wrapping paper, tissue paper, or an old greeting card.

Supplies Required

  • A few cool paper stashes or wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Old Clear phone case
  • Decorative stickers

How to Craft your Own Decorating Phone Case?

Step 1: Cut out the paper stash according to the measurements of the phone case.

Step 2: Paste the stickers of your choice.

Step 3: Stick paper stash upside down on the inner side of the clear phone case.

Step 4: Apply clear glue and allow it to dry for some hours.

The mobile cover is ready!

Choose to decorate your mobile covers with any of the above-listed methods and flaunt your unique style!

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