Dream Meaning In Islam-The Facts Every Muslim Should Know

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By Rakib Sarwar

Did you have a bad dream last night? Or are you confused and want to know its meaning? In this guide, we will tell you Dream meaning in Islam. When we are asleep, our soul partly leaves our body and returns when we wake up.

Our sleep is thus a minor death and a daily preparation for our soul to taste the greater and actual death. While we sleep, we find ourselves in different scenarios that are not likely to occur in real life. A dream may cause you to feel satisfied or worried. People don’t normally remember their dreams when they wake up.

What Is The Dream Meaning In Islam?

One Hadith states that Muhammad (PBUH) said, “A good dream vision of a pious man is the forty-sixth part of prophecy” (Sahih Muslim 2263). Some dreams can be of different meanings. It generally depends upon the person who sees it.

Allah Subhan-O-Talah give messages or instructions through dreams. The famous Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) event is one example. Ibrahim (AS) experienced a dream and was ordered to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail (AS), at first, he doubted and thought it was the deceit of the cursed Shaytan. After experiencing the dream again the next night, he then learned that it was a message and an order from Allah (SWT).

Islamic Dream Interpretation Ibn Sirin

The best-known mystic and dream interpreter in the history of Islam is Muhammed bin Sirin (653-728 CE). Ibn Sirin’s pioneer dream interpretation system speculates the fact that both the Quran and the Hadith teach Muslims to uphold the spiritual and psychological meaning of the dream experience.

Ibn Sirin believed that the interpretation of the latent content of a dream depends upon the individual characteristics and conditions of the dreamer’s life, as well as the significance of the dream itself. His salient work, A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams, is regarded as a crucial reference to this day.

He combined the interpretation of dreams with the understanding of the human mind. Ibn Sirin used to interpret the people’s dreams in the markets. He was a prudent and bold man, who feared no caliphate. Which caused him a lot of trouble, but he did not care.

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The Reality of Dreams In Islam

God takes men’s souls at the time of their death, and the soul which does not die, He takes in sleep. Then He keeps the soul that is destined to die at that time and returns the others to life for a set period.’ (39:42)

During sleep, our soul departs from our body and goes into the other realm. To know the meaning of your dream in light of Islam, it is crucial to have knowledge about the kinds of dreams. Muhammad (PBUH) told us that there are three types of dreams.

  •  The Good Dreams are from Allah. These are more likely to come true. But, do not get obsessed if the dream will come true. Whenever you see a good dream praise Subhan-0-Talah and ask for the best outcome. Also, you are allowed to share your good dreams with only those people whom you trust, the people of knowledge and wisdom.
  • The Bad Dreams, also called nightmares, are from Shaytan. If you wake up from a bad dream, you should change your position and seek protection in Allah from Shaytan. Also, you should say Tauz, “I seek refuge with Allah from the assured Shaytaan.” In one hadith, it is mentioned that one should not mention the bad dream to anyone.
  •  Lastly, Random Dreams are a meaningless dream. They are a mixture of different things like worldly experiences or human desires. There is no need to interpret them. You should ignore them as they do not affect us in any way.

Abu Qutaadah said: the Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Good dreams come from Allah, and (bad) dreams come from Shaytaan. Whoever sees something that he dislikes, let him spit to his left three times and seek refuge with Allah from the Shaytaan, for it will not harm him.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6594, and Muslim, 5862)

Given interpretations are attributed to Muhammad Ibn Siren.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Snake

A person can see a snake dream in many different ways. To become a snake in a dream means to be despicable towards his religion. However, seeing oneself as a half-snake and half-human in a dream means being able to neutralize half the power of the enemy. A snake in a dream also indicates hostility from one’s in-laws or children, or it could represent the evil and jealousy of a neighbor.

A snake sleeping in a dream is a sleeping enemy. As for an unfair person, a water snake in a dream means getting help, or it could signify a decision. To find a snakeskin made of gold in a dream is that one will discover a hidden treasure. However, if a snake swallows someone in a dream, it expresses that he will reach a powerful position.

If someone sees a snake sitting over his head in a dream, it shows that he will earn the admiration of people in authority.

Furthermore, in a dream, if a field is covered with snakes symbolizes destructive rain. A snake with a horn in a dream represents a profitable enterprise. Additionally, possession of a snake in such a way that he does not feel any fear is indicative of wielding power and having vast lands and properties.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Cat

In the light of Islam, a cat indicates a reference book, a part of a person’s profession, inheritance, or work. It can also mean evading one’s husband, wife, or children. The cat symbolizes a thief. The female cat in a dream expresses an evil and dishonest woman.

A cat in a dream could also signify a person, being patient and cheerful, although anticipating to jump at the first chance to destroy other’s peace. In your dream, if you see cat and mouse together it shows hypocrisy and fraud.

Moreover, selling a cat in a dream means an expenditure of money. The bite from a cat represents a hoax or a crooked woman. It is also said that a cat bite in a dream signifies a disease that will last an entire year. In a dream, the scratch of a cat means that the person will be deceived by his servant.

Furthermore, if anyone sees blood spilling after being scratched by a cat that means beware of an unrelenting enemy. However, if one sees slaughtering a cat, it indicates that the person will dominate his rival. Also, the person whom the cat is fighting will soon become ill. Becoming a cat in a dream means that the dreamer is going to make a living through illegal practices and theft.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Pregnant

If you see a pregnant cow, that means you have to look forward to a successful year. A very blessed year. If a woman sees herself being pregnant it could mean that her wealth will increase according to the size of her belly. Also, she will be proud of her accomplishments and will be honored.

However, it can also express stress, grief, distress, and secreted troubles. For an educated man, pregnancy means an increase in his knowledge, for the craftsman that means achieving unparalleled excellence in his craft.

Moreover, the pregnancy of a woman means losing her virginity before marriage or marrying an inappropriate person. If an infertile woman is pregnant in a dream, it’s a bad harvest year or a burglary in her neighborhood. An unmarried or young virgin sees herself pregnant in a dream shows that she will find a suitable husband. While the pregnancy of the man indicates pain and grief.

Besides, an old pregnant woman in a dream could mean fertility after drought, associate with unemployment. Similarly, if a mother gives birth to a sick little girl in a dream it means the relief of her difficulties. If she gives birth to such a child from her mouth, then it signifies death.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Marriage

If anyone sees marriage in his dream, he may receive the providence of Allah Almighty and the care of his servants. Marriage also means: indebtedness, confining, suffering, grief, bearing responsibility, sadness, or striving to attain high rank.

If someone sees marrying a known woman in his dream, this means that he will try to be persistent to satisfy the normal duties. But, if someone sees marrying a strange woman in his dream, and could not see her, it symbolizes that his death is near, or he can move from the old house to the new.

However, if one sees his wedding with witnesses, it proves that he made a deal with Allah Almighty. Marriage is also the remedy for all the diseases and evils he will get. If someone sees marrying someone’s wife and is taking her to him, it means loss of livelihood and pride. If someone sees marrying a forbidden relative, it means he will show he is more powerful over his family.

Moreover, if a woman sees herself getting married to a dead man and penetrates her, then it implies that her health will diminish and she could suffer from anxiety, and her luck will change. But if she sees that dead man took her to his home and she hasn’t seen that home before, it means she may die. Besides, marrying a woman who then dies means that you are reaching a goal that will bring you nothing but pain.

Beautiful House In Dream Islam

A home in a dream has various meanings. It could mean wife. If one sees that he is entering the house in his dream, it indicates that he will get married or have sexual intercourse with his wife. However, in such conditions, the person in the dream is single, which means marriage and if he is married it means he will marry off one of his daughters.

Constructing your own house in a dream signifies that the sick person will be cured of his illness. If the construction is difficult and is customary in this family to bury his dead within the same grounds, then it shows the death of a sick person in the family.

However, if no one is ill in the house and the construction is accompanied by celebrations and music in a dream that means difficulties, sufferings, and trials. Also, if one sees that he is plastering the house, it relates to his religion. Its supremacy or flaw is the way he handles matters. Its end is his happiness.

Furthermore, a healthy person witnessing himself in an unknown house will go to Mecca or engage in Jihad. Also, if a bachelor sees building a house, it means he will marry a high-class woman. If a person sees a vivid, well-illuminated house, it means a gentle and generous woman.

A gloomy house shows a short-temper and rude person. Also, entering a house moistened with water expresses difficulties with a woman and distress as much as there were moisture and dirt, but eventually, that will go away.

Final Words About Dream Meaning in Islam

One-third of our lives are spent in a state of lesser death (Sleep). If you see bad dreams, seek refuge with Allah, and do not mention it to anyone. However, when you see good dreams praise, and thank Allah for them. The truth of the dream is dependent upon the sincerity of the dreamer. Those with the truest dreams are those with the most truthful words.

One Hadith mentioned: “A dream is hanging on the leg of a bird as soon as it is interpreted, it happens as it was interpreted.” That’s why you must share your dream with a knowledgeable and sincere person. Likewise, the same Dream meaning in Islam could mean different things to different people. Also, note that it is haram and a great sin to pretend that one has seen a dream while he has not seen it or to lie in it.

May Allah be our protector at all times.

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