The Most Popular Haunted Place In Lonavala

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By Rakib Sarwar

People often curious about the haunted place in Lonavala. People love to listen to horror stories and thrilling encounters. It is a hobby, and for some, it is just their sheer interest in anything and everything paranormal.

No doubt, horror movies, and series tend to gain such popularity. However, horror movies are not the only scary things. In real life, one can find some places and locations that are stated to be haunted.

Every city has its own set of haunted places, from old palaces to forts to bridges to roads. Lonavla is no different. Lonavla is a beautiful hill station from Pune, one of the most popular places for those who like to take a small vacation. But, Lonavla to have its haunted place to flaunt.

Where is Lonavala?

Lonavla is a beautiful hill station that is regarded as one of the most popular attractions in Maharashtra. It is hardly 65 km from the city of Pune and 90 km from the city of Mumbai. This is a quaint and small place that boats of natural beauty.

The city has many hotels, resorts, clubs and pubs, tourist spots of temples, natural trails, etc. It is undoubtedly an easy to reach place for many city dwellers, who like to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend.

Haunted Place In Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel: The Haunted Room’s Story

Horror stories are usually a great conversation starter. When one gets to learn something real and experienced by many, it becomes even more interesting and intriguing. When people visit Lonavala, they get to hear the scary story of the Haunted Place In Lonavala and The Raj Kiran hotel.

This hotel is still a working one at that, and it supports and serves various guests throughout the year. It is a popular one, not just for the horror story, but for the service and high-quality rooms they provide.

The story is not about the entire hotel, but one room of the hotel. Many people who have stayed in the room in the past have experienced weird and uncanny things happening to them.

Haunting Amid The City

The hotel is in the city area and not in some secluded corner of Lonavala. Yet, the stories about the hotel and its haunted room have only grown over the last few years.

The hotel’s haunted room is on the ground floor and is situated just behind the receptionist area. The room is not booked for anybody until it is an emergency or necessity under room scarcity.

People who have stayed in the room before have given weird explanations for the happenings. They say that they feel someone is there in the room or have a weird presence in one of the haunted places in Lonavala.

Some say the lights flicker or the bed sheets are snatched and pulled at night. This has scared people a lot and has made them talk about the hotel’s scary room to the outside world.

One such story is about a couple who went on a honeymoon and were staying in the room but they always felt some kind of presence around them gave them weird vibes and they decided to change the room.

Another such story is when a couple was sleeping and all of a sudden in the middle of the night someone pulled the sheets they used to cover their body. The wife got scared and asked her husband to check whether someone entered their room and the husband compiled and decided to check the room.

After thoroughly checking the room the couple was unable to find anyone which scared them further and the room was also locked from inside due to this reason they decided to complain at the reception.

Many guests who stay in this room often complain and demand to change the room and the staff also knew about the room almost always compiles and change rooms.

Knowing that the room does not give any type of positive vibes or is always having this weird, eerie feeling about it, they are unable to refuse such requests and always agree to the change of room. But this all was earlier when the room was open but now the room is always closed.

The management there at the hotel is well aware that these kinds of incidents tend to happen in that room. That is why they do not allow anybody to stay there. However, nobody can understand why these kinds of instances tend to take place in that room.

Usually, the places that tend to be haunted have a certain back story. But, this room at Raj Kiran hotel has no back story that anybody knows of.

Going to haunted places is quite a thrilling activity for many; some tend to believe in paranormal activities, and some tend to ignore such things. But if one is interested in checking out this Haunted Place In Lonavala, then they can. And, if one has the gall, then they can visit the hotel and can even stay at the room that is haunted.

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