OMA Treadmill Reviews

Are you looking forward to OMA treadmill reviews before purchase but still confused about the quality? If yes, then here is a complete information on OMA treadmills with their pros and cons highlighted for you. Whether it is unfavorable weather or safety issues, OMA treadmills allow you to work out whenever you want. And if you are not a gym person, then having this treadmill can be a lot of help.

We believe that choosing a treadmill that works best for you is pretty challenging. Subsequently, the right home treadmill can help you lose weight sensibly. So, to narrow down your research, we have enlisted some of the best features of OMA treadmills. But first, let’s know about the manufacturers of this promising machine.

Who Makes OMA Treadmills?

Before you purchase OMA treadmills, you might want to know about their manufacturers. OMA Metal Industrial Co. Ltd manufactures OMA treadmill. It is a leisure products industry that is famous for producing fitness equipment. The best thing about this industry is that they do not compromise on the quality of their equipment.

They are recognized for their best fitness equipment as they manufacture products like electric treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and electric bikes. When we talk about OMA treadmills, it is their unique features that grab attention. Not only this, the OMA metal industry gives an extended warranty for their treadmills.

Most Selling OMA Treadmills

OMA Treadmill Reviews

OMA treadmill is a foldable treadmill that weighs only 110 lbs. The company designs these treadmills with several unique interactive features capable of making your exercise workout more fun than before. This OMA treadmill features a high-definition console that helps you decide your running program and view your running progress.

Imagine how irritating it can be if your treadmill makes noise while you run. Let us tell you that this is not the case with OMA treadmills as its motor is quieter. Hence, it doesn’t disturb your surroundings. Moreover, this treadmill is ideal if you have small storage space. To know more about this promising machine, let’s dive into its unique features.

Highlighted Features of OMA Treadmill

Quiet DA-2.25 HP Home Motor

OMA features a high-power motor which is 2.25 HP. With such power in action, you can have fun indoor running on your treadmill.

The best part is that this treadmill ensures a smooth, quiet walk due to the high-power motor producing less than 60dB. If you want a quiet treadmill motor that can facilitate long-distance running and interval training, this product is best for you.

Commercial Heavy-Duty Steel

OMA treadmill is ready to pass the test of time because of its commercial heavy-duty steel that can surpass thousands of running tests. It is made with solid steel that is best for home use. Besides the durability, the OMA treadmill is safe as it can accommodate up to 300 lbs. It is best for your daily indoor exercise.

36 Preset Programs

For an efficient aerobic workout, the OMA treadmill features 36 preset programs and three custom programs. With the 36 preset programs, you can track your speed, distance, pulse, and calories on the screen. You can choose the hill program, interval program, or fat burn program to keep your cardiovascular system in balance. So, no need to hire a fitness coach anymore, as this treadmill gives you all.

Multifunctional LEDs with Two Holders

The LED gives you a crisp view of your running progress. LED involves running time, speed, distance, calories and your heart rate while you exercise. Now it is easy to track your progress with these unique features.

Not to mention, there are two phone holders that are multifunctional. You can also accommodate any items like water bottles to keep yourself hydrated. Between the LED and console, there is a small space on which on you can place your tablet or iPad.

6-layer Wider Running Belt

OMA treadmill features a thick running belt that is 6-layered and provides extra comfort to the user with tight grip. The running area is non-slip and shock-absorbing, which provides cushioning for your joints, ankles and knees. Moreover, the spacious running area is 16.5″ wider, ample enough for beginners and professional runners.

Moreover, taller individuals (taller than 183cm) can use OMA treadmills but they may not be able to take full stride at maximum speed.

3 Manual Incline Positions

When it comes to losing calories, the incline position of a treadmill is essential. OMA treadmill possesses three different incline positions to experience the different intensity of running. You can adjust the positions to 0.2 and 4 degrees. Changing to the highest incline position would give more pressure to your body muscles and allow you to burn calories at a faster rate.

Easy to Install

Installing these treadmills does not need a professional at all. If you are worried about complex procedures to install this machine, then no need to panic as it takes only 10 minutes to put simple fittings into it. The company has preinstalled the motors, belts, and rollers into the machine.

Also, a complete assembly guide with the machine helps you attach the console and two upright bars.

Fast Control Handle

A unique feature of this treadmill is the fast control handle which enables to control the speed at any moment. During jogging or running, you can increase the speed up to 8.1 mph. And if you want to stop the treadmill in an emergency, you can quickly press the stop button present on the handle.

However, one downside is that the handles do not have Bluetooth connectivity nor it can be connected to a fitness online app.


As compared to many other treadmills in the market, OMA offers you to work out with a vast speed range which is from 0.6 to 8.1 mph. You can make speed adjustments quickly by pressing on +/- keys present on the fast control handle on the right or the console. However, the increments of the speed are not specified by the manufacturer.


When it comes to maintenance, you do not need to worry as maintenance of OMA treadmill is not hassle. However, for high durability and best use, the user needs to do lubrication. The machine comes lubricated by the manufacturer but with time, you need to lubricate your treadmill’s belt. Moreover, you should make sure that there no foreign object is caught between the motors.

After you use the treadmill, you must not forget to unplug the wire and refold it.  Also, check for any loose bolts and rectify them.


  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Space saving design
  • Portable


  • No sound system
  • No USB ports

How to Use OMA Treadmill / User Manual?

If you are confused about using this good exercise machine, then here is a brief explanation for you. However, before you start your workout, it is crucial to warm up. Put your feet on the side of the treadmill and observe the machine’s functions. After you have observed the console, switch on the machine. Do not forget to put on the safety clip. Now, start with the lowest speed and then keep increasing it gradually.

During your workout, if you want to change the incline positions, then you need to pull the knobs and rotate the plastic pins to change the angle of the treadmill. Now do the exact step on the other side as well. You can change the incline position to 4° if you wish to have a challenging workout.

Moreover, you can set a running program to have a better workout. And also, observe your progress on the LED segmented display. Do not catch the front handles while you run, and do not lead forward. Enjoy your indoor workout to the fullest with OMA treadmills.

Are OMA Treadmills Good?

Yes, OMA treadmills meet all your expectations. With all its accessible features, OMA is perfect for home workouts for beginners and professional runners. It has the excellent horsepower, thick belts, and most importantly, the machine does not produce noise while you run. For those looking for a treadmill with easy cardio training and maximum preset programs, this machine is best for you.

It can continuously work for more than one hour with minimum electricity consumption. Not to mention, it is best for stamina development and weight loss. All in all, with this treadmill at your home, you can have an enjoyable workout session.

Final Verdict Regarding OMA Treadmill Reviews

All in all, this article lets you know that OMA treadmills are your best choice because of their durability and longevity. With OMA treadmills in your home, you can work out for long hours and keep yourself fit and healthy.

In conclusion, OMA treadmills will offer you the best working out experience so far. And up till now, these treadmills are deeply loved and trusted by thousands of families. Moreover, OMA is committed to providing high-quality treadmills that can let you enjoy the fun of indoor exercise in quiet environments. So, let your doubts about this machine fade away and order OMA treadmills to maintain your health and fitness.

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