How To Find A Photographer For Your Fashion Blog?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Photographers are in great demand for their exceptional skills and creativity. A photographer can create a dream in the photos with the right mind and lens. When you start a fashion blog, you need to showcase style and elegance in the most incredible way possible. Not just the written matter, but photos also attract an audience to your blog. 

How do I find a photographer for my blog?

Finding photographers may seem like a trivial task. But a good photographer can make all the difference to your blog. With the right person, you can considerably increase your blog’s traffic. Finding a photographer is not very complicated when you have online websites. You can search for photographers on Google and browse through the search results. 

  • Social media: Thanks to the digital revolution, you can get anything you want on the internet. Social media platforms like Instagram have been a great blessing for content creators. People can showcase what they are good at more easily now. The business pages of photographers can be accessed through Instagram. You can see their profiles, previous works, and portfolio on their social media handle. You may even contact the photographers for a collaboration if you find their work impressive.
  • Google: Another way of finding photographers for your blog is to search. Google will provide you with numerous options to choose from. You can go through their online websites to see the type of work they provide. If it suits your needs, then get in touch formally. Understand their work, the fee they charge, and other relevant details. 
  • Favorite photographers: You may even have a famous photographer or two. You may have come across someone from your social media feed. If you wish to collaborate with any of them, you can contact them directly. Enquire about their charges, timings, etc., to make sure they are the right fit for you. Explain what you expect of them thoroughly before making a deal. 
  • Recommendations: As a blogger yourself, you would know other bloggers. Ask for their opinions and suggestions on photographers. They would have experience working with different photographers and can share their insights. 

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Do fashion bloggers pay photographers?

The question of whether fashion bloggers pay their photographers has surfaced for quite some time. The truth is, they do. When a fashion blogger hires a Fashion Photographer in Delhi to shoot their daily content, the photographers do get paid a previously agreed sum. At the time of hiring, there needs to be a clear understanding of the hours of work, expectations, and the fee for all the work. Many a time, fashion bloggers do not get professional help.

They settle for their friends or close relatives to shoot the content for them. For a newbie blogger, affording a professional photographer may not be possible. But as they flourish and make profits, they start looking for professional work. Their growth needs to reflect in their content. This is quite important when it comes to creativity. Creating a portfolio takes time and effort. No professional would do it for free. 

How much does it cost to hire a fashion photographer?

The process of hiring a fashion photographer is quite easy if you think about it. But then comes the step where you need to pay them. If you have a set budget for your blog, it is better to choose a photographer within that. The average cost for a photographer falls in the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.15,000 per hour. Of course, this would vary with the skill and experience of the photographer. But on average, professional photography will cost you. It is best that plan a budget for it. 

If you are planning to hire leading photographers for your fashion blog, then it is going to be very expensive. Local photographers charge much lesser. You can find budget-friendly professional photographers online, through social media handles, or a simple google search. Find new talents with a lot of creative ideas from websites online so that it would be good exposure for them, as well as you.

A mutual collaboration would do both parties good publicity. Any content creator thrives on exposure. You can expand your audience by hiring an Instagram sensational photographer. Publicity through your blog would be great for their portfolio as well. 

How do I photograph myself for a fashion blog?

Fashion blogging is all about creativity and innovation. You need to know what you are doing regarding the blog. Before starting, have at least a partial picture, if not complete, of your blog. This will help you reach your dream blog faster. When you consider photographs for your fashion blog, you need not worry about spending thousands of rupees on professional photographers.

Of course, the work of professionals is unparalleled. But as a first-time blogger, it would be quite stupid to pay enormous sums for photographs. What you can do is, photograph yourself. How does a person click pictures of themselves?

  • Invest in tripod stands: A tripod stand would be a major investment for your fashion blog. You can set it in any location you like. Make sure you buy one that is easy to carry so that you can take it to any place you want. You can set your camera or phone on the stand and wait for it to click amazing pictures while you pose. it would eliminate the need for a companion whenever you dress up or wish to take a picture. You can take your time and click yourself in the way you like.
  • Location: A professional photographer can make any place look good in pictures. As an amateur photographer, that would be quite a task for you. So, choose locations. Pick backgrounds that look amazing in pictures. Stop right there whenever you see a good background of solid colors or designer walls. Take out your tripod, set it, and pose all you want!

Fashion blogging is a fascinating thing to do for someone who likes to keep an open mind and learn new things. Remember that, at the end of the day, the quality of content matters, not how much money you spend on it. 

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