How to Do Professional Wasp Removal for Your Home in 2022?

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By Rakib Sarwar

What are Wasps or What Does Wasp Mean?

This post is all about wasps and professional wasp removal from your home. Wasps are a group of insects that are found worldwide. They belong to the category of stinging insects like a honey bee, hornets, etc. There are more than 7000 wasp species found only in India. They live in colonies and gather their food with the help of each other. They eat smaller insects, spiders, caterpillars, greenfly, etc. as their food.

They are natural predators as they eat away many insects that destroy the crops and garden. They are considered essential pollinators because they help the plants pollinate their seeds from one place to another. They contribute a lot to our ecosystem, but they can become annoying if their number increases more than the usual level.

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Why You Need Wasp Removal?

Wasp removal is considered necessary due to their significant rise in population and when they built a nest in someone’s home.

Dangers of Wasps and Wasp Stings

  • Wasps are aggressive and can use their long stinger to attack humans when tempted.
  • These tiny creatures can sting faster and numerous times as compared to a house bee. The sting can become fatal if the wasps are in large numbers.
  • They have a susceptible nervous system. When an intruder approaches a wasp nest, they swarm up and sting the intruder to keep it away from their nest.
  • These creatures are volatile during pollination; if agitated, they will attack the intruder mercilessly.
  • These creatures can become deadly if proper precautions are no taken.
  • People having allergies to wasp stings may develop various skin reaction which needs immediate medical attention. Even though the bite is not deadly, but it can cause potential harm to a person if left untreated.

How to Prevent Wasp Nests or Avoid Wasp Stings?

Preventing the formation of a nest is easier, and the better option than trying to remove one. How is prevention possible?

  • Empty your bins and wash them regularly to make sure that they are clean.
  • Keep the bins away from the doors and windows so that the wasps do not have easy access to the contents of the bins.
  • The most common way wasps contaminate bins is through holes or gaps in bins and other containers. Hence, make sure that there are no such holes in the container.
  • Look around the house to make sure that there are no nests building up. If there are any such nests, make sure to remove them as soon as possible.
  • Keep plants that may attract wasps – colorful plants, sweet-smelling plants, etc. – away from the windows and doors.

Professional Wasp Removal 

Wasp removal can become tricky, and it becomes difficult to get rid of them once they built their nests in certain areas. They also pose a threat to a person if they are disturbed in any manner. The best way to have wasps removed from one’s property is calling for professional help.

  • A local exterminator who has experience in removing wasps and hornets should be called. They are trained and professional to help people out of the dangers of wasps. They know the best methods which cannot be done at an individual’s home without proper knowledge.
  • Wasps can also be removed by spraying different aerosol sprays. Aerosol sprays should be sprayed from a safe distance so that the wasps do not sting the intruder. Aerosols are oily based, so the area where it has been sprayed needs to be cleaned appropriately.
  • Wasp removal should be done by using proper protective gear. A person trying to remove a wasp nest should have a bee hat, coveralls, long-sleeved shirt, eye cover, and gloves.
  • The best time to have the wasp nest removed is at night. During the night, the wasps are less aggressive and are resting at their nests. All the members of the wasp community would be present from the workers to the queen. It ensures that all the members of the community are killed, and the method becomes effective.
  • After the safe removal of wasps from an area, it should be ensured that the wasp nest is wholly eradicated so that any living wasps cannot come back and rebuild it again.

Final Takeaway of Wasp Removal

A person should never try home remedies for wasp removal. There are many online sources advising home remedies for removing wasps. The creatures can become aggressive and attack if proper precaution is not taken. These irresponsible methods can cause physical harm to an individual. So the best approach is to seek professional help or use pest control.

Professionals take the required measures for the process of removal. They wear protective suits and use the appropriate tools to remove the nests easily and safely. They are trained to do this, and they have the required knowledge about wasps and their nests.

Their knowledge of the field and their expertise help them to carry their work out effectively. While the idea of home remedies may sound tempting as it may be cost-effective, it is unsafe and may lead to further repercussions.

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