Top 5 Universities Where Can You Study Abroad in English?

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By Rakib Sarwar

Now that you know the benefits of studying abroad a major question arises where to study and most importantly the destination we choose whether they provide study abroad in English. You need to take the decision by considering your set of goals and your choice of which foreign culture you want to explore.

There are so many subjects that you can study abroad and that is specialized. If you study in English you are more capable of grasping the knowledge rather than studying in their local language. English is an international and common language is used in all universities all around the world. There are many universities/colleges those who want to have international students. But for all these universities it is difficult for them to take classes in thousands of languages like Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

English is a popular second language that solved this dilemma. Every student around the world knows the English language. So it makes sense to educate students in international language English. Being said this, students must know that there are thousands of universities around the world that teach in English. Given below are some of the best study abroad universities that provide education in English. These universities are reputed around the world and they have beautiful landscapes and are located in the most dynamic cities. Let us have a look:

Top 5 Universities to Study Abroad in English

Maastricht University, Netherlands

The Maastricht University of Netherlands offers several graduations and post-graduation courses. This university is one of the international universities that has adopted English dominating curriculum. This university attracts most of the international students around the globe. More than 50% of the students in this university are international. This university has a multicultural environment and makes it fun studying here.

This university offers exchange programs and different subjects like business and economics, arts, psychology, social science, law, humanities, life science and many more. Maastricht University is very close to Belgium and Germany so international students who came to study abroad in the Netherlands can spend their weekends traveling around Europe.

Stockholm University, Sweden

Sweden based Stockholm University offers bachelor degree programs as well as many post-graduation programs in English. In Sweden, English is spoken most commonly so it makes it easy for students to solely hang out in the city without any problems. You can find that in Sweden, there are many movies and TV shows that are in English with Swedish subtitles. This shows that English is one of the common languages in this country.

Students who are curious to learn different and new languages, for those students Sweden universities offer Sweden Language courses free of cost. These courses are Add-on with your regular courses. Before taking admission to study abroad at this university you must have a look at scholarship policies offered by the university for study abroad in Sweden. You might get eligible for the scholarship and the scholarship covers a huge amount of your tuition fees.

Sophia University, Japan

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries and is ranked good in terms of study abroad programs. Sophia University is one of the best private universities in Japan that offers study abroad programs in English. This university is located in Tokyo. This city has a lot for students and international students will not lack anything. To explore Japan more, it is recommended to take Japanese language classes. Sophia University of Japan exchanges partnership programs with so many universities around the world.

King’s College, London

King’s College London has more than 800 courses for students who want to study abroad. All these courses are offered in the English language and if you are a learner then this university is best for you. Because in this university there is no limit to what you can study. This university is located in one of the greatest cities in the world and you’ll feel good that you are having classes in one of the most desirable cities in the world. King’s College of London is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. In this university, you will feel surrounded by the best and the brightest crowd from all over the world.

The University of Sydney, Australia

English speaking countries are the ones where you need not struggle to find English teaching. The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia and this university is the most prestigious university in the country. The University of Sydney has the most beautiful campus in the world. Studying abroad at this university will be by far your best decision. This gorgeous city is surrounded by extraordinary beaches and mesmerizing mountains. All the courses provided in this university are in English because of the English language used in this country. You can explore this city in a much better way.

Doing a study abroad in English makes it easy to understand things and learn way faster. But it is highly recommended to take some time and learn the local language of the country so you can add much more to your experience.

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