Things to Know Before Using Fitted Hats

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By Rakib Sarwar

As the name suggests, a fitted hat is a hat which fits one’s head. Such hats are meant to be worn specifically by the owner. Fitted hats are highly recommended because when worn, they are a snug, but quite comfortable. Fitted hats can also be worn forwards of backwards depending on the swag, and style you want. A snapback hat on the other hand snaps at the back which closes the hat.

Since a fitted hat is closed at the back, the wearer lacks the ability to adjust the size making it it is quite classy, comfortable, and cozy. Typically, fitted hats are specifically tailor-made for you, what’s more, you get to choose from the variant sizes ranging from the small to the extra-large ones.

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How To Wear Fitted Hats?

By all means, you can wear your fitted hats the way you want. However, if you do not want it too big or too small such that it squeezes the brains out of your ears, there are a few hacks to get the right fit. First you need to get the right size and shape for your hat. The new era of tweaked stuff will have you in your feelings especially if you love a classy hat.

You can go the route of measuring tape when ordering one just to make sure that what you are purchasing will fit perfectly. Some, however, have the ability to measure it using eye judgement, good for you if you have that gift. In order to ensure that the hat fits you well, you might want to use the ones you already bought.

How To Shrink Fitted Hats?

The blow dry method of shrinking a fitted hat is currently the best. The first step is placing the fitted hat upside down over a clean surface. And then you need to spray the inside band along the bottom. You would then need to spray the body of the hat with anywhere between 10 spritzes.

It is critical to ensure that the hat is not saturated with water. After that, you need to flip the hat upright and then spray along the bottom up to the bill on the either sides. Now turn the hairdryer on to its highest setting. While using your fist inside the hat, let it settle on your hand while holding the dryer between 6 and 12 inches away in order to blow dry it all the way round. Flip it over and place it on a flat surface. Put the cap onto your hand in order to ensure that it can fit correctly.

How To Stretch Fitted Hats?

If you just bought a small sized hat, you might want to stretch it since having a replacement could sometimes be like an arduous climb. But why would one want to go through the entire process of getting a replacement or spending a few more bucks instead of stretching their small sized hat to fit?

Here’s what you can do: wet the hat in water, place it around a youth sized ball and then place it in front of the heater. Do not leave it unattended and allow the hat to dry thoroughly. Once the hat is dry, it is critical to slip if off the ball with ease and then try reshaping it gently and this should make it restored. In addition to the steam, water, ball and spray bottle, you can stretch your hat by simply pulling. Using the hat stretcher will leave a more relaxed fit. These stretches can be purchased from hat shores such as village hats or amazon.

How To Clean Fitted Hats?

Cleaning fitted hats is so easy! However, if you don’t do it right, you could ruin it. First off, you need to read the tag. The tag gives you many instructions that you would need to follow when washing your hat. The tag states whether or not you can use the washing machine or specific detergents. It will also highlight you on what water temperature to use and which kind of cleaning solution would be the most effective.

You can also determine the best way to wash your hat by examining the kind of materials it is made of. Normally, you should wash your hat in cold water with a wool detergent in order to abate any damage. However, you can also wash it in cold water using the standard detergent. Before immersing you hat into water, inspect it for fraying or stitching. This helps you determine how to best wash the hat without damaging it.

How Are Fitted Hats Measured?

Do you want to buy a hat and cannot figure out what size would be fitting for you? Here’s how you can get around this. It is quite obvious that you need a hat that would hold tight to your head as you watch that game, work outside or even when hanging out during the weekend.

Wearing a fitting hat could help you relax, unwind, and enjoy the good vibe wearing a hat brings along. The easiest way is holding a string, and then measuring around the head where the hat would sit. This is about 1/8” above the ears and forehead. You would then place the strung on the tape measure and use the measurements to compare against the hat sizing chart or sizes you’ve seen in store. If the measurement falls between sizes, choose the next large size.

How Much Are Fitted Hats?

Most fitted hats range from $30 and $45. If you got wholesale fitted hats you could even start a business of reselling them. Most fitted hats are quite expensive.

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