How to get a taxi in Italy?

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By Rayhan Sarwar

Getting a Taxi service is a challenge, if it is your first time in Italy. This post will guide you about the taxi service in Italy. 

Traveling to a country brings up a lot of challenges especially if it’s your first time there. If you’re new to Italy, then private transportation can be challenging for you. You might have heard some stories about people scamming and cheating to rip off customers. If you research online, you will see warnings about taxi cheats on there too.

I have been to Italy with my family and used a lot of car services there including radio taxis. Let me assure you that your chances of getting scammed by taxi drivers are slim to none. But you do need information on how to get around quickly and effectively without reading through the boring pages of a travel book.

This article is for people like you, who need a little information on the taxi service in Italy.

Taxi Services in Italy

From the Airport to Your Hotel

How do you know what a proper charge is if you’ve just landed at the airport and want a cab to drive you to your Rome hotel? Simple. It’s written directly on the side of the cabs waiting at the airport taxi stand! The prices will be provided for each airport (Fiumicino or Ciampino). There are no tips, it’s a fixed price and it takes you inside the city gates.

Metered Taxi

The majority of the time, you book a cab at a taxi stand, where there are numerous taxis queued up waiting for new fares. Simply walk to the first cab at the front of the queue and get inside it. Taxis in major cities typically display an official symbol on the side of their vehicle. The special symbol for Rome says “Comune di Roma” beside SPQR (the Senate and the Roman people).

The rates are posted at each taxi station. An important piece of information to remember about the meters in the taxis is the “Tarrifa”. “Tarrifa 1” is the rate meant for trips inside the city. “Tarrifa 2” and “Tarrifa 3” are rates for trips outside the city. Be sure to check that the Tarrifa value of your taxi matches your trip, otherwise you will probably be scammed.

Radio Taxi

This is one of the simplest methods to move around Rome, especially given the city’s few subway lines. Rome has been trying to expand its subway lines, but the construction keeps getting delayed by archaeological excavations. Rome stands with too much of human history.

The Rome city council’s number to call a taxi is +39 060609. To hire a cab, you must master at least a basic level of Italian, such as how to properly give the address in Italian. You should learn how to pronounce names, numbers, and letters too.

To get a radio taxi, you have to call +39 06 3570 or send an SMS with your address to +39 366 673 0000. After a confirmation SMS, your taxi will be on its way.

Do Italian taxis take credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted virtually everywhere in Italy, particularly in major tourist towns such as Rome and Florence. Almost every restaurant and retail establishment accept credit cards. They may have a minimum fee request, such as 20 euros, at times.


In terms of taxis, I recommend that you request a taxi that uses a credit card payment system so that you can pay by credit card. A few taxis use a credit card payment system, that’s why you have put in a request for them.

Taxi apps in Italy

Just like every developed country in Europe, Italy also has a huge online network of ride-sharing and renting. Besides, the public transportation system of Italy cannot hoard so many passengers that include locals and thousands of tourists.

That is why the best option for transportation in Italy is via taxis, and there are a lot of apps in Italy that connect thousands of taxis and other vehicles for rent.

Here are the most popular taxi apps in Italy:

  • FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi): FREE NOW is a licensed ride-hailing app that is available in Italy and 9 other European countries. You can book a taxi up to 4 days in advance, share your ride with your friends and families, pay easily with any credit card.
  • Scooterino: Passengers may hitch a ride with a smart scooterista and live out their dolce vita fantasies – all while getting to their destination on time, thanks to the ingenious scooter-sharing software Scooterino. Scooterino is not a taxi service but a ride-sharing service where the cost of a journey is split between drivers and passengers.
  • Carmel: With this app, you can rent anything from a taxi to a limo and go anywhere in Italy.

How expensive are taxis in Italy?

If you have been to many European countries, you may find that taxis are relatively cheaper in Italy than the others. In the major cities of Italy, the cost of taxi fare per 1 km is around €0.80-€2.00. The starting price of the taxi may vary more depending on the availability of taxis in that city.

For example, you can learn about the cost of taxis in Brianza from Prenotazione Taxi Muggiò

Is there Uber in Italy?

Yes, Uber is available in Italy, but it is not the same. It is now accessible in Rome and Milan. Furthermore, only Uber Black is permitted, which means higher pricing and better vehicles. If you don’t mind paying a little higher fee, Uber is completely safe to use in Italy.

Final Words

If you are traveling to Italy for the first time, I can tell you that the taxi rides in various cities of Italy will be one of the most memorable things about Italy for you. The people are so friendly, charming, and welcoming that you will feel like one of them.

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