Dermaflash LUXE Device Exfoliator Hair Removal Reviews

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Women’s skin is soft and delicate, which is why a great deal of care is required to keep it moisturized and healthy. Women are concerned about the appearance of peach fuzz that grows again right after their removal. Whenever a thought of touching your skin surfaces, it feels like you’re handling a porcupine.

Would you ever be able to grow smooth, shiny skin in the absence of these fine hairs? How will you be able to get rid of the continuous shedding of skin cells? What is the solution?

In a highly competitive market, it isn’t easy to choose the right product for your skin. In a cutthroat competitive market, every other company offers exfoliating kits for your skin which makes a choice difficult. Among these products, only one product that satisfies the exfoliating needs of the customers stands tall; it is Dermaflash luxe exfoliator edge kit. It promises not only the removal of peach fuzz but also removes the layer of dead cells underneath it. 

What Is Dermaflash Luxe EXFOLIATOR EDGE KIT?

If thoughts of using a shaving machine to clean your face from peach fuzz and dead cells horrify you, then you are sharing it with many other women. Recent research shows that women would instead opt for a waxing option, laser therapy, or threading to clean the face rather than using a shaving option.

A shaving machine often gives thoughts of a grown female beard on a women’s face. What about I give you an opportunity that will not only remove these peach fuzz but also relieve your skin from the burden of the dead cell, leaving it soft and shiny. We call it Dermaflash.

Does the question arise what Dermaflash Exfoliating Edge Kit is? The idea originated from a procedure known as Dermaplaning treatment. It was a manual procedure carried out in beauty clinics with the help of sharp surgical blades to remove dead skin cells and accumulated skin debris along with peach fuzz. The treatment was only available in doctor clinics where professionally trained nurses and physicians used to carry out this treatment.

Since the treatment was expensive and required people to visit doctor clinics to carry out the procedures, there was a need for a device that is easy to use, portable, and in the access of any women. Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit is a device whose subtle sonic vibration of the blade gives safe skin treatment. Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit includes LUXE, DERMAFLASH ONE, and Rx devices.

It has multiple built-in safety features. For maximum safety measures, its blades are protected by a safety cage for smoother and safe results. Here the crucial point to note is that Dermaflash is not a shaving machine. Instead, it removes peach fuzz that grows on women’s skin, hiding dead skin cells underneath. On the other hand, men’s terminal hairs on the skin, when shaved, grow back and appear like thin copper wires.

The blades of the Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit are specifically designed for the delicately soft skin of a woman’s face that grows light and fluffy hairs. Shaving machine blades are sharp and are designed according to the rough nature of men’s skin. But, Dermaflash blades are designed for the soft and sensitive skin of women.

Popular Dermaflash Products

How Dermaflash Is Different from Microdermabrasion?

Dermaflash is different as compared to the other exfoliations like microdermabrasion which uses suction procedures to remove dead skin cells from your skin. The process can produce good results for some ladies but still leaves others with swellings and red skin due to rough procedures.

The procedure is never recommended for those who are either suffering broken capillaries problems or rosacea. The process also comes with a lot of other risks if the act is performed under unsterile conditions. Patients are exposed to germs and infections if the vacuum devices are not clear or unsterilized.

In comparison, Dermaflash has one uniqueness: it offers both exfoliating and removal peach fuzz at the same time. It also gives immediate results without produces inflammatory or red skin issues because it never uses vacuum suction devices, granular crystals, or harsh chemicals. Dermaflash cleans the skin and creates an ideal skin surface for the application of makeup. Thus, after the use of Dermaflash, skin is better able to do its job.

Distinguishing Features of Dermaflash Luxe EXFOLIATOR

Your skin is continuously growing and replaces old skin cells with new ones. The process is repeated after every 30 days, which sheds off old dead skin cells and creates room for new cells to grow. Exfoliating is a process that helps you remove those dead skin cells from the skin. Dermaflash Luxe exfoliator edge kit enables you to remove those dead cells that remained stuck to the skin and were not shed off. Dermaflash, once used on the skin, creates a flawless canvas on your skin, making it glow. It helps in the removal of peach fuzz which will let your cheekbones glow after a long time.

You might likely have seen Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit ads while scrolling your Instagram account or read about a famous film celebrity who applied it before appearing on Oscar screen. You can use the kit once in a 12-week time duration with ease and at an affordable cost.

Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit is specifically packaged to give you the best experience that leaves your skin rejuvenated and baby soft. It includes:

  • A cleanser that removes all residual products along with traces of oil. This cleanser is specially formulated to leave your skin clean, creating an ideal skin surface for Dermaflash treatment.
  • Exfoliating edge kit gently removes the topmost layer of dead cells.
  • Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit is made for single usage; therefore, for hygiene, safety, efficacy, use a new and clean Edge before starting any treatment.


  • It is for soft skin.
  • It makes the application of makeup smooth.
  • Reduces wrinkles on the skin
  • Leaves a luminous skin
  • It is pain-free
  • Cleans the dead cells the makes skin color dull
  • Appropriate for all age women
  • Without any side effects
  • Has no downtime


  • Edge is only for single-use
  • It is not waxing, so hair can grow back after weeks of skin treatment.
  • It should not use when you have sunburn, windburn, acne, or other facial problems.
  • Accutane patience should not apply Dermaflash on their skin at all as it might create skin infection.


How to use Dermaflash EXFOLIATING EDGE KIT? 

  • Dermaflash EXFOLIATING EDGE KIT comes with a Prep cleanser, single-use edges, and soothing ball. Once you are going to use the Dermaflash device, make sure it is fully charged. It takes a total of 5 hours for a complete charge; therefore, charge the device before use.
  • You can start using your Dermaflash by gently sliding it against the tray, which will automatically place the edge in Dermaflash.
  • While using Dermaflash Edge, protect your hair using a hairband.
  • Apply Dermafalsh Prep Cleanser to moisturize the skin right before using the device.
  • You can start the Dermaflash device by pressing the hummingbird button. It turns on the light on the button, giving you an indication that the device is charged and is ready to be used.
  • Start by applying the Dermaflash device in a downward fashion, starting from cheekbones. Make sure you use your other hand to stretch your skin.
  • Do not apply the edge on your eyebrows, lips, or boney area of the face
  • Switch off the device by pressing the hummingbird button.
  • Place the machine back on the cartridge tray and gently slide it back, which will remove the edge.

Is Dermaflash Luxe EXFOLIATOR EDGE KIT Safe And Worth The Money?

It is all about your preference because Dermaflash is an ideal device that removes peach fuzz and dead cells from your skin when it comes to your makeup application. It creates perfect skin for the application of makeup. The device can be used once a week, and if instructions are followed correctly, everything will be fine.

Once you are going to apply the Dermaflash on your skin, you will feel the difference in the form of smooth and shiny skin. A shiny skin does not absorb the light; it reflects the light, giving it a unique polished glow. It is made possible by a Dermaflash exfoliating edge kit which removed the dead skin cell and debris, paving the way for more light reflection.

Final Verdict

Dermaflash Luxe EXFOLIATOR EDGE KIT is an ideal solution for the skin by removing peach fuzz and make the skin gloomy. Among its many benefits, like making the skin shiny, it creates a perfect skin for the application makeup, enhancing your beauty.

Like other skin treatments, Dermaflash doesn’t apply harsh procedures on the skin (use of chemicals or vacuum suction pumps) that could be detrimental to the skin if applied in unsterilized conditions. The device is designed considering the delicate nature of women’s skin and required safety measures; therefore, it is an excellent device to be used from the safety point of view.

We hope this review enables you to make the right choice when buying Dermaflash Exfoliating device.

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